Lets go for 3, I guess...


Saw this article on the front page... gah! Say it ain't so.

For the past two season our there has been two major themes with this team. First, the Defence has been horrible at stopping the big play, which has cost us dearly in many games. Second, our ability to cash in when in the Red Zone has been abizmal. I have not seen any improvement on this throughout this season, so I am not sure what team Maciocia is watching.

I don't understand how Danny can say this team is turning around. Just look at the stats. Not only do we have a worse overall record than last season (5-11-1), but we have a worse record at home (3-5-1), and a worse record in our division (1-9).

We were 6-4 last season! We swept the Riders and split with the Stampeders. This season we got swept by the Stampeders and went 1-3 against the Riders. What'll happen next season? Will we go 4-14?

Danny Maciocia is delusional... :?

I say if Maciocia dosent get his head out of his arse and turns things around for 08, he'd best be gone, and btw... our owner should sell the team to someone who knows how to run a franchise