Let's Go Eskimos!

Ticat fan but an Eskimo fan tonight! Always been a Reilly fan…

Had to chuckle as I read your post as I’m a Ticat fan as well cheering on the Esk’s . Only reason is for the points in the standing’s.

Looks like the wind is an RBs fan today…

So far very uneventful first quarter. Oops maybe not. Wow dodged a bullet there. lets go Eskies.

Right now the Esk don’t look good but fortunate to be in the game. Need a break to get things going.

Wondering if Edm might not be in on Larry Dean. Lolley would know him well from 2017.

Good player. Would think Hamilton would like him back.

Hearing Godfrey Onyeka is making a strong case for himself as a field corner. Won’t hurt the ratio if he does get the job. Good to see he is getting a chance.

The Eskimos picked up a lot of interesting receivers with CFL experience from other teams in the off season. It will be interesting to see which of them are anointed as starters and how they’ll perform this coming season.


Well after five quarters of lacklustre performance in a row yet still a winning record after three games, at least the passing game is looking great along with the kicking game.

Everything else seems to be falling apart steadily now.

After that loss at Winnipeg even after outplaying them when not making basic mistakes, it ought be a rough week of practice.

So can the Eskimos repeat the trick from game two but in Vancouver this time? Or will the British Columbia Lions have some tricks up their sleeve for which the Eskimos will have no answer?


That extra week off could not have been more timely.

I never imagined that Harris would be outplaying Mike Reilly, perhaps would be about even, let alone by this margin.

Time to get it together again and be ready and raring to go for the Argos’ visit on Thursday.


Well today’s the day when we find out whether last week’s sub-par performance was a fluke.


The ancient enemy lurks in wait in its hoary primeval lair this week. The Eskimos need to do a gut check as this is the game they have to win if they want to demonstrate that they’re real contenders in the West.


Big game this week against the Stamps. Even if Mitchell isn’t playing it will be a good test for the Esks. Go gettem boys!

Any word yet on the status of C.J. Gable for this week’s tilt in Calgary?


Well after an awful first-half when the defence looked as if it were trying to pass block with little or no pass rush or action behind the line of scrimmage and poor tackling and coverage, whatever they adjusted at halftime sure worked well enough to grind out a victory with a lacklustre offence.

We better not have any more defensive displays like that in the first half. Most QBs are not skilled yet careless gunslingers like Davis so as to be able to bail ourselves out and stay in the game.

Friday’s game against the Blue Bombers is one the Eskimos have to win if they’re legitimate contenders for first place in the West Division.


I think our Eskimos ought stop going with the strategy of settling for field goals and saving their best for after the game. :o

I’m expecting Trevor Harris to silence his critics on Monday with big time production, both in terms of total passing yardage and TD passes.