YES!!!!!!!!!! B.C...........has almost clinched first in the WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanga Kuchi , you said BC sucks , how do you like em now?

they still suck!!!!

I did that little post because I was half quoting the old CFL commercial.

Printers looked good again this week. Another 4 TDs thrown and he was pulled half way thru the 3rd quarter. Buono is going to finally have tough decision for the starting QB if DD is healthy next week. IMO, Buono should play Printers against the Esks and give DD an extra week of recovery and play DD against the Riders.

Thank god that game is over.

What a great night for Lions fans. Lions bump the 4 game losing streak with payback to the Bombers and the Canucks continuing their winning streak with a win over the Avs.