Lets give this team a chance!!!!

This team in my opinion , isnt with out skill, it is with out patient fans who can install confidence back into our players. You fans arent getting the message.
Real ticat fans would back their team, through hell or high water.
How many athletes have any of you seen where the athletes have come from their minor leagues , schools and universities,onto a pro team and made an immediate impact. I dont know of too many and I am fiftie three.
It almost makes me sick to look at the titles or subject lines for the some or most of the posts in this forum.
I Think all this team needs is time to play togehter, and fans that understand that.
Hey I ll gladly give up
some winning seasons now if I am going to have a good team for long time later.
All I ask is pls try support the team, and not boo our players.

Do you cat fans realize its easy for other teams to come in our home and win because the fans are booing the home team??
Being the home team is supposed to be the best place to play not on the road, and thats because the
Ivor Wynne was the worst place for a visiting team to play. I d love to see it that way again. thankyou for you time

I think the fans have been very patient with this team. Sure they boo but except for the last one, they still attend the games. Be realistic. There are games when they can't score a single TD, when catchable balls are dropped, when guys make bonehead plays, when 1st downs are as rare as hen's teeth, when wide open guys are missed.... And they lose often and by lopsided scores. What is there to cheer for? I think the team should worry about doing something on the field to earn the fans' support.

Actually, at the start of every game, the fans do cheer for the homeside. It isn't until the game gets underway and it becomes painfully obvious that we're about to take another painful loss that the cheers turn to boos.

And finally, it's the inept play of the players which makes it easy for visiting teams, not the fans.

An Argo-Cat fan

Another poster has suggested this is the worst team the Tiger-Cats have ever fielded.
He could be right. Most of the criticism you see is well-founded. Ivor Wynne has always been tough so the booing goes with the territory. A player's confidence does not come from us posters.
We ARE getting the message. You don't do yourself any good by ignoring what is going on with this team. A dose of realism is far better than jingo-ism. Sure the team will improve but not until some major changes are made. We would like to know why things are still so bad.
And...."fiftie three"????
Thanks for the post though.