lets give the big guys some air time

olinemen dont get talked about much unless they screwup.

How about we give some kudos to some of the best or favorites from the past.

My all time top 3

Chris Schultz - I remember him as being pretty good while I was cheering for the argos plus I like him.

Nick Benjamin - Nick will always be remembered by me as the olineman who chased down a DB or LB and caught him from behind after an interception. Also a top notch player and nice guy.

Jamie Taras. - Gotta have a soft spot for a lifetime lion who played 3 different positions and did fair to well at each of them.

Jack Abendschan
Chris Walby
Hector Pothier

League’s most overrated player: Cornish.

League’s most underrated player: Tsoumpas.

Cornish is not a bad player, but the hype is ridiculous. Tsoumpas hands him half his yards on a plate. At least he did last season. And it just goes to show how little these media types know about actually watching football when they couldn’t even get Tsoumpas the West nominee for outstanding lineman.

so much easier to just look at the stats sheets and go oooo...look at all of those pretty yards. Same goes for AC...Don't get me wrong, amazing QB, but he has historically had a superb line in front of him. A good OL makes a bad player good, a good player great, and a great player a legend...just ask Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith. Barry Sanders may as well have not had a line in front of him...imagine his stats if he had played in Dallas!

If Barry had played his career in MIami, he and Marino would probably have a couple of rings. Pretty sure Miami had some decent olinemen, even if I cant remember any of them.

so...not much love for the big guys. tsk tsk :slight_smile:

Gotta disagree there, I would say Drew Tate wins that award hands down.

buck pierce

I loved Rob Murphy when he was here in BC. Olineman don't really get talked about unless they so something wrong. With Rob Murphy, he was mean on the field and he had so much swagger which was unusual for a player in his position. I wished we had more guys like that in our league.

Peter Dyakowski #67...Hamilton Ti-Cats....Canada's SMARTEST Person!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

I wear #62 Marwan Hage for his loyalty to the Cats and his tireless community work.

TWO :thup: :thup: UP!!!! #62@#67 Two of the best and most classiest guys in this league!!!! :rockin:

One of the best young O lineman to come along in years is Ben Heenan... he has been nothing short of phenomenal in the first 3 games of this year...