Damn, what a gutsy game by the CATS! :thup:
One and all!

Like the prev post just want to state every so clearly how proud we all are of the performance yesterday and those before that that got you there! You guys could have rolled over at a number of time late in the year but your fortitude and character shone through. Against some pretty serious odds you guys almost got us back to the cup.

It hurts today no doubt and you are disappointed but you guys are pure class.

Congrats Ottawa for turning things around. You guys are GOOD TEAM.

Thanks to ALL coaching staff Mr. Austin, Condell, Steinauer, Reinbold, Rudolph, Grant, McPhee, Stanley, Simmons, Scout Zamberlin & Support staff are to be congratulated on a another excellent campaign.

Of course Thank You Mr. Young for all the support!

Mr. Mazoli... Well done Sir! Your composure and heart are unquestionable. That clutch throw to Luke Tasker in the 4rth for the touch down was unbelievable!!! Hope to see more of you next year.

Luke Tasker... What can you say... Best hands in the league no doubt!!! Thrilling catches all season long.

Andy Fantuz... Best inside clutch receiver 100% Great job yesterday and in the semi final. Congratulations.

that Tasker to Fantuz play was incredible.. not many would catch that ball

thanks for a fun season!!