Let's give Kent Austin credit for firing Kent Austin

While we don't know exactly what went on behind the scenes, in any case it must have been a difficult pill for him to swallow. But it's looking like it was exactly what the team needed.

Sorry, I have to disagree. He only fired himself, when there was no choice. Completely boggled this season.
If he would of fires himself at the end of last season, I would give him a little credit.

Even if we make the playoffs, it's because of a weak eastern division; preference is to make the playoffs as an above 500 team.

Instead of firing himself, he should have had the self-awareness to realize that his schemes & poor play calling were losing games for the team & had the guts to change what he was doing.

He did make the most underrated move of the year firing Reinbold and promoting lolly. Everyone said he was making Jeff the fall guy but look at the D since.

"The most underrated move of the year"? :o

We had easily the worst defence in the entire league. That was the natural move to make.

Although I liked Reinebold, he had to go. I hope you haven't included me in your "everyone" because I never said letting him go was a mistake.

What I mean by underrated is when it happened way too many people thought Reinbold wasn't the problem... etc.

Many (better?) Are looking at the Masoli and Jones changes as the reason we have won a few games now. I'd argue it's the defence. So in that respect we made 3 major changes and I think this one is the most important of the 3.

Collaros wouldnt be on the sidelines if he had this defense.

Or O line/RB play.

It's a no brainer!$ fire
One Title of your Job !$have a diminished role !less on your plate!way less stress ! And the best part get paid the same$$$$ a bloody genius ! A smart cookie ! Brilliant ! Bob AKA Caretaker is definitely the best hands off owner in the CFL !

I seriously doubt Austin fired himself. A man with a ego and stuborn tendencies was "told" to step up to the GM role because his coaching days in the Hammer are done. Jones is more personable and he listens to the players. Austin on the other hand is less likely to listen to a player or have a chance at being personable.

I agree with all that.

I'm not sure if I'm thrilled that Jones needs to listen to his players, given that the only anecdotes we've heard are about the players explaining the basics of the CFL game to him. But obviously we only hear about a fraction of what goes on.

If the "listening" is mostly about things like, "hey, do you have any ideas for how to beat these guys," and assuming it's only a small group of veterans who get the coach's ear in this way, then I suppose I'm in favour.

  1. I agree with you fully except that Austin did not step up to the GM role, he went up to his
    other position as VP of operations !!

I agree, Austin did not make this move voluntarily, he was told to do it !!

How many times even this season did we hear Austin say how much he loved coaching, and
didn't want to relinquish that role for quite some time !!