Let's Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

First and foremost, Josh Ranek was great. The running game finally got going. The O-line deserves some credit here. They controlled the line of scrimmage for much of the game.

Pat Fleming had a solid game. He had time to punt this time, which helps.

Maas showed a lot of guts. He was obviously hurt, but he gave everything he had.

Defense was great, especially the d-line. Cheatwood, in particular, impressed me.

The only negative comment I'll make was the officiating. Fortunately it didn't decide the outcome, but it was an embarrassment all the same. No holding call on the first Winnipeg touchdown. Holding call on the Flick touchdown in the fourth quarter. An audio problem preventing a [b]videoreplay from reversing a ridiculous call???

Great game Ti-Cats!![/b]

I agree it was a great game and they got it done, I love that they did it in Winnepeg. I thought they all played as a team they were terrific in my books. I can’t wait for August 12th when we kick Toronto’s ass.

Congratulations Tiger Cats you are on your way!!!

Wheres the credit due? Hamilton wasn't good, they just played better than Winnepeg... Any other team could of beat Hamilton tonight.

hate r u kidding me ?

I don't think so I think Hamilton would of won tonight no matter which team they played. You must be upset that your team was beat. Don't worry there is always next time.

The best thing was that even though our team made some mistakes, the guys had each other’s back…this is the biggest development I saw tonight…and the most important…

Way to go Cats! :rockin:

nite all! :thup:


My team stands at 7-0...And handed you guys 2 losses to your column. The Als would of Destroyed you guys tonight. First of all, our Defence could of and would of stopped the run...Secondly, our Offence is for real.

What r u talking about you barely beat us last game.didnt your offence score 7 points last nite,the rest were field goals.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about you guys being 0-2 vs Montreal, that's all. I'm not taking anything away from Hamilton, they took advantage over a crappy team, good job, but I'm saying Hamilton could of played wayyyy better than that, but luckily Winnipeg didn't have Milt and a good QB tonight.

Don't you have anything better to do?

so we may or may not have lost to the best team in the league....

a team that was almost beaten by the ticats last time we played.....

you're right, with an effort like tonight, montreal still woulda won.

give it a rest homer

Than talk with Ti-Cat fans? No I don't think so. I guess I have no life

We lost last week with our 2nd qband without Ranek

(i'm not saying Hamilton would have beaten montreal tonight, just that you're acting like an idiot when you all but rule it out)

Also, the O-line played extremely well and deserve a lot of credit, considering how bad they were last week. :slight_smile:

Felice adds a lot of grit to that line. start him over Cheron.

and find a way to get Randall to play every night like he did tonight

yeah we could of done better,we only had a running game that produced 160 yards on the ground,plus Rannick had another 69 yds receiving,and we held Winnipeg to 150 yds of offence.oh yeah we only won 26-11,hopefully we play better next time.Give your head a shake HE HATE ME,and try coming up with an original name.

I understand your happy Hamilton won tonight, since your team isn't use to winning in the past, what? 3-4 years? I'll let you guys enjoy the moment until you start losing again, and then sitting out the playoffs and watching the Alouettes hosting the East Final game.

BTW, RANEK played great with the O-Line. But that's not the team. The Defence played good but 8-% of Winnipeg's offence was missing, and 80% meaning Milt. Cause really, that's their offence.

in fairness, Milt is only about 20% of their offence statistically speaking, Roberts makes up another 30-32% and then the rest of the team can claim the rest. (yardage wise anyway)