Lets Get The Playoffs Underway Already

This has probably been the worst CFL season in history. Attendance is down. TV ratings are down... Scoring is down.. About the only thing that is up is the amount of penalties.
We all know that Calgary gets the bye, Edmonton will host BC in the semi and that Saskatchewan will crossover. The suspense os left for the Eastern teams that all play horrible football.
Im trying to het excited for this week's games, but deep down inside, know that the games will be nothing more than boring flagfests that will be determined by stupid penalties,dropped passes and brutal turnovers. I pray to god that the games will be good and will be based on skill and bigtime plays, and Im an atheist...lol
Is anyone else dreading the Hamilton/ Ottawa game? Like to see Henry Burris go out there yelling and screaming, but then totally failing to execute.
I really really want to be wrong.

Lets Not. Looking forward to the most real exiting 2 weeks of the year. Sorry Miss bungles

The penalties are annoying, in fact on every pass play downfield I expect the flag to come out which is frustrating. My view is BC will go east to face Toronto, Montreal will beat Hamilton on the road in week 20 and thus host the East Final. Lions lose their final two games and the Riders win at home against the Eskimos. Mike Benevides; your season is over.

Not going to happen..

Maybe you should be watching a dart competition instead. :roll:

Darts are HUGE across the pond. Ever see the crowds they draw?

Bungle must be a bummers fan. I dont blame him for wishing the season to be over. Lol

What, you don't like flagball? :lol:

I'm with you on this. The faster this regular season is dead and buried, the better. The league has serious work to do this offseason.

This has probably been the worst CFL season in history.
Bungle, I think I'd hire you for a position in the theatre if I was involved with a theatre as you do have quite the flair for the dramatic I must say. :wink:
The faster this regular season is dead and buried, the better.
Actually Tridus, I'm sure I could find a position for you as well. 8)

I think whatever team wins the Grey Cup should not be allowed to have the team name and players on the Cup this year because it's simply been a horrible season for the CFL. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey, if you want to think this season was good, more power to ya.

Personally, I'm not a fan of games that are primarily flags, replays, and punts. That's what this season has been about. Ratings and attendance trends this year don't suggest it's been a pile of awesome either.

While I agree that Mr Bungle is a tad on the negative side I have to agree with him about this season. Very few games that I thought were well played and entertaining football games. Good drive, an exciting quarter or two but not a single game I thought was a great game. I PVR the games I can't watch live, but have not done that for the last month because of the quality of play.

I said it earlier in the season and I still believe it to be true, aside from expansion and the flagfest the lack of preparation by the eastern GMs is the big reason for a the dismal performance in the east. I'm not looking forward to the Grey Cup unless BC gets the crossover and makes it to the big game.

Tough year for the CFL but It is a perfect storm.

Ownership and scheduling problem in Toronto
Late stadium in Hamilton
Firing the head of officiating
Many QB injuries
Expanded NFL rosters
Introduction of challenge of PI
Changes in rules to protect QB.
Commish quitting.

That's a lot to deal with.

I think this has been one of the most exciting and best years for the league in so long because it's been a bit different. Ok, fire away .... 8) Hey, I'm already bored with too much hockey and basketball coverage (thank god that baseball is finally over!), I'm a gridiron football fan first and foremost and I love it all even if as I say this year has been different somewhat. A bit of variety always spices up life as they say. :smiley:

It's been different, for sure. I'm just not sure that guessing if this will be the sixth play in a row with a flag or not is "exciting". :stuck_out_tongue:

Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs...

Tridus wrote: It's been different, for sure. I'm just not sure that guessing if this will be the sixth play in a row with a flag or not is "exciting". :P
Well I always look to every game as a chess match (BTW I don't play chess, I'm not smart enough for that game I will admit) and I actually find the flags and penalties intriguing to how they will determine the outcome of the game whether there are a few or plenty thrown. Plus it gives me time to get off the couch and go for a squirt or a drink or whatever. :wink: I also love it when the camera zooms in on a player's face after a penalty and watch their facial expressions. I actually do find that entertaining believe it or not. And the coache's face as well. Love it.

Watching Subban get interviewed after last nights Canucks, Habs game. His comment about officiating - not much you can do, it changes every game and so you never know, along those lines is what he said. Subban "gets it", all part of the intrigue factor ie. what next with the officiating? :wink:

It is frustrating but they had to crack down. Receivers are being coached to obstruct, defenders to hold in ways it is not picked up by cameras, insane amount of facemask tackles, QB taking hits to the head mostly early in the game or when the outcome is decided... This is what happens when a league becomes a "coaching" league and you have to introduce an extra 50 players on top of the regular 30 percent turnover in players.

A bit of the wild, wild west then Hf? :wink: Hey, it hasn't been pretty sometimes, I'll admit that, but that again is all part of what makes every season unique. There's a reason why there are pretty looking people and ugly looking people and everything in between, the Maker decided that variety is the spice of life. :wink: Ok, why didn't the Maker make me pretty? :o

If it wasn't for the horribly boring season I wouldn't know what a great season looked like. So I guess this season is serving a purpose, but that doesn't make it fun to watch.

Pretty boring in the west, with first and second place all wrapped up, and the only question left is where the Lions and the Riders will play their semi-final game, east or west.

The east, on the other hand, has it ever happened before that no team has locked up a playoff position this late in the season? Depending on the last two games, any of the three remaining teams could take first place, and any of them could end up out of the playoffs.

Big picture, guys. Yes, the number of penalties seems to be up over ten or twenty years ago. Is it up over last year? Maybe, not sure. Maybe receivers are dropping the ball more than other years, maybe not. I haven't really noticed that, except maybe on the Redblacks. There have definitely been more injuries to QBs the last couple of years than in previous years, so that has to affect the level of play. But there is definitely drama this year.

Is attendance really down? No idea, as I don't watch football to count the number of people in the stands, and I don't really care if it is. Is TV viewing down? Same thing. I'm sure that if it is, TSN will put pressure on the league to fix things. Not up to me.

But I'll still be watching, cheering on my team. And enjoying the games.