Let's get rid of Popp

Can we fire Popp now?????

It's still early in his tenure as a coach it's not fair to judge him so early in the season the team will get better as it goes along [insert the rest of the lame excuses people made to hang on to him for an entire season]

No Way - No Way a good or a experienced coach makes that call are you kidding me. Then he has the guts to say he does not regret it. Come on people don’t get fooled by this guy. React violently to his ego and his self denial and his vicious attack of his own players and coaches. If it is not his fault then it must be the coaches or the players but not his. That is Jim Popp to a tee. You have seen it over and over again. A monkey could have let Coach Jones do his thing and left enough alone to win more than Popp. I beg of you fans, if you like the Al’s eliminate Jim Popp. All those off-season moves and tell me witch one if any paid off from coahing to personnel changes. Last season the Al’s needed to add a big play reciever strengthen their o-line and find a back that could break one. Did they no they fired their OC instead. Did the “D” get young and hungier you bet, credit Chris Jones. Unbelievable what Popp gets away with. Absolutely disgusting!

Fire this entire coaching staff except Chris Jones and Noel Thorpe. Then conduct fair, unbiased interviews for the position of head coach, and give Jones a legit interview for the position. Let's get the job done right this time instead of giving the job to the GM because his ego is the size of Mount Everest.

disciplineandpunish, I agree with you.

and someone has to do something for the O-line.

What a mess.... Ok so we fire Popp and the entire coaching staff except for Thorpe and Jones and then what? We need to fill the following positions

General Manager
Director of Player Personel
Head Coach
Offensive Coordinator
Offensive line coach
QB Coach

forget anyone? Where do we find all these people? This is why I didn't want Popp as head coach.

This is a nightmare and the chances of seeing the Als head up instead of tanking are pretty slim.

Hello Winnipeg here. POPP can say what he wants but Winnipeg is greatfull he made the decision he did. Montreal was stopped three times or four times on short yardage. The chances of them not being stopped again would be pretty slim I would think. Why he didn't punt it deep into Bomber Territory will haunt him privately all winter. What Crap "If a team can't move the ball 1 yard yada yada yada...they don't deserve to win. The game was over and Montreal should be in Toronto. Popp is the greatest Coach Winnipeg never had. Montreal was playing a good game untill then. Pretty hard to blame the players for a coaches decision.

See ya next year.

It is a mess, I agree. But there are qualified people out there.

Steve Burratto
Dave Ritchie
Jim Barker
Ritchie Hall

Any of those guys could be a head coach. Barker could GM. The other positions will be filled.

We have no choice, we HAVE to start again. We simply can't continue with another year of Popp at the controls or we'll end up like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

I think if you pass over Chris Jones a second time. He will walk. His contract is up.

My choice would be Jones. He deserves it and promoting from within in this case would lessen the chances of someone coming in and making changes for the sake of changes. Jones acknowlegges Popp's talent as a GM so Jim could go back to do what he does best and then you let Jones pick his assistants. To me that is how it should be done. Whatever the team decides to do, I hope they do it quickly. So they can move on evaluate current players and get a head start for next year.

I like that scenario too, but do you really think Popp will just step aside as coach and continue to be GM? Ownership is going to have to force him to resign as head coach. According to Herb Z., Wetenhall has reportedly asked a number of veteran players, including Watkins, Cahoon, and Chiu, to evaluate Popp's strengths and weaknesses as a coach. How the hell does Popp retain any control over this team if his boss is asking his subordinates to rate his performance?

What I feared has come to pass. Popp has done such a poor job as coach that it's almost impossible for him to remain as only GM.

I think this can be taken as a sign that Popp is going ot get removed from at least 2 of his 3 positions. Watkins has publicly said he will not play for Popp after this season he would rather get released and get nothing than play for Popp. Cahoon was in the media saying he felt he wasnt being used properly and the O-line has been hung out ot dry by Popp as well. The only leader on this team that has yet critisize Popp would be Calvillo and right now he has more important things to deal with. If Smith and Wettenhall are going to base their decision on any part of what the players are saying Popp will likely be gone this offseason

I said it at the beginning of the season Jim Popp was not the coach for this team. Last season at the grey cup he did nothing to try and win and this season was no better. I believe that the head coach, the offensive coach should be fired; if your team cannot score from the one yard line ( and it happened more than 2 times in a season) which meant the difference of a win or loss its time to clean house. Especially when there are so many head coaches available e.g danny barrett, greg marshall and now tom higgins. Next year, hopefully under a new head coach and offensive coach the alouettes will be in the grey cup.
Boy I miss the Don!!!!!

The Number 1 candidate the ALS should look at is GLEN CONSTATINE, this man has lead the Laval team to 3 Vanier cup championships in 4 years. Constatine has a plan has the staff and would NOT be CONVINCED by Players to GO for it when you should take the points.

Bottom line the missed 3rd and goal taking the 3 points gives the win to Montreal

punt the ball on 3rd and short puts the ball deeper in Winnipeg end and the clock could have run out. All the ALs had to do was make the Bombers run 1 -2 more plays and the clock was gone.

Great job POPP. Great call. you are not seeing the field your are not seeing the big picture, the big picture is the HC is not doing the job. Go look in the mirror and tell that EGO of yours, I did a mediocre job at best and I should do what I do best and that is manage the team instead of trying to stroke my ego.

Danny Barrett

Edmonton has just fired Chapdelaine. WHEN, not if, we hold interviews to replace Bellefool, we could do far worse than give Chapdelaine consideration for O.C.

It's time to get ride of the looser Jim Popp he was ok as GM until he tought he was a Couch and could do better Job than the most winner coach in CFL history.

Slowly he brought the team down, Montreal use to be the best team on the league until couple years when he start to beleive he was the owner of the team, he start to put his nose in other places and send the best coach to early retirement before finish the last season.

Since then, Montreal is just falling apart, he doesn't care about the team, the only thing he wants to heard is how good and great he is.

Yes I never like the guy, and is time to rebuild the team without him, he can go to Hamilton, they are looking for a GM with experience.

Bring back the Don and let him do his "JOB".

Lost of unsubstantiated claims there.