LETS get ready to RUMBLE!

The magic of the L.D. week end games kicks off tonight in Montreal and ends in , CALGARY.

I love this time. :smiley:

Some say it is the beginning of the REAL CFL season. :wink:

HUGE ........T.V. ratings , great football parties , SELL OUTS every where.

This is OUR FOOTBALL party, week end. :smiley:

Even in the CFL's darkest days you could always count on the L.D games to cheer ever up about the state of the CFL.NOW that the CFL is having it's best turn around in decades.........look out.

ENJOY EVERY ONE................. :smiley:

so true,, even in the hated jr days in the peg, the trip down to the 'gina always cheered us up!

Only 175 minutes till kickoff....

Off to the game I go. I wish all of you (but the Gades fans) a very good Labour Day Weekend.

if you're any kind of CFL. fan ...this is the weekend... and the '.make it or break it' for some teams just adds a little flavour to the mix.... :slight_smile:

i must say i am glad that bc is not playing this weekend as they are the only team that doesn't feel the urgency of winning every game. 9-0 allows you to relax a little.

Football heaven this weekend. CFL friday night football. Saturday I get to watch my Huskies take on the Rams in CIS action. Sunday its the Riders vs bombers live from TF, and then home on Monday in time to watch hopefully edmonton beat Calgary, and Hamilton vs Toronto

Sounds like a good weekend..two live games!

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