Let's get ready to RUMBBBLLLEEE...

Now that the "bye week" is over....
As the Cats go into Edmonton Saturday, I want to see our Cats coming out of the gate....like they mean business, and firing on all eight cylinders. The early fall run, is now starting. 60 min of football from here on in...NOT 30.
This should be one-hell-of a football game.
In Edmonton...or not...I think our Cats, will win this one. :thup:


8) Well, if they hope to win, they had better come out ready to play, from the opening kickoff !!
   If they can score a touchdown first, and keep intense pressure on Mr. Ray constantly throughout
   the game, then they will have a chance to win !!!

   As SJRiley stated, they must come out of the gate firing on all cylinders  !!!

   That is mandatory for sure  this week  !!!!!

Rather than say firing on all cylinders, remember once you fire a cylinder it doesn't keep firing, I'd rather come out and just be plain solid in a boring type of way with the game plan and execute the assignments and try and keep the too highs and too lows to a minimum, like this for every game. The problem I think when you're too jacked up and firing right away at the peak is might not see the forest through the trees and then if the game is close near the end, there nothing left in the tank physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Of course I suppose that theory goes out the door if we do fire on all cylinders for 1/3 of the game and rack up enough points to be able to survive a potential onslaught for the rest of the game. Not my way but hey, whatever works. :wink:

A balanced attack on offense is key. Use Bruce as we have been, but don't forget about Rodriguez and Cobb, like we seemed to last home game. We need more balance in the attack going forward into fall anyway.
Bauman has been great at throwing good blocks this year. His best year so far, in that one respect. Pass catching needs more work, so get him more balls too.

Using everybody will give defenses fits going forward.