Let's get ready to RRUUMMBBULLLLLL......

Going into week 4 with the Cats improving...
May just be able to take a big bite...out of the Lions on Thursday night...

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Honestly, its not happening.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch!

Any team can be beaten by anyone on any day.
This will surely put that to the test.

If they can pull it off, it'd be a huge momentum shifter.

The ONLY reason this game might be worth a look is the fact that BC is playing a 3rd string QB.

I can see 0-4 coming. No way this edition of the Cats can beat a Wally Buono team - at least not yet.

Nope. The second string QB, Buck Pierce will be starting.

I'm eager to see how many more touches Homes gets on offence. Last week he had two rushes and two receptions.

Jesse had 10 rushes and that didn't seem like enough either considering how well they ran the ball.

I didn't think Pierce was going to make it out this game. I have my doubts about his durability in this game after the licking he took last week

Which hand is it on Pierce? We need to take some swipes at it early so it hurts a bit more! 8)

Ok, just kidding, I don’t want this intrepreted the wrong way that I would want to see anyone purposely go after another players area where he is injured. At least I don’t think I would think that. :wink:

We cannot afford the penalties this tactic would cause. IMO the rationale that players actually do this is kind of funny. Dirty players don't need a reason to be idiots

"Buck Pierce, despite a bruised hand, is the likely starter in Thursday's game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at BC Place, with third-stringer Jarious Jackson elevated to the backup role. Jackson, in place of Pierce, will be the holder for kicker Paul McCallum." - Vancouver Sun

I'm willing to bet that unless we lay some big hits on Pierce, he will play the whole game which means we will be 0-4.

A couple thoughts:

  1. We got lit up by a third stringer last year. Buck Pierce is a whole lot better than Rocky Butler, and the BC Lions are a whole lot better than Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, from what I've seen, we're not a whole lot better than we were last year... yet.
  2. How do you all feel about the trajectory of our performance? Are we really getting better or did it just look that way against a bad Montreal team last week? I know what I want to be true, but I'm not convinced.

I'm going to the game Thursday. Despite my moniker, I'm actually living in BC about an hour to an hour and a half from Vancouver. Go Cats Go!!!

I am convinced the Cats are getting better but equally convinced that the level of play we've reached is still far short of what is required to compete against a good team. It may be that we get spanked and still grow from the experience tomorrow night. I am of the belief tho a spanking is the most likely result

yea and last year they played their 3rd stringer and he lit it up

We're probably going to lose.

Glad I can't watch the game, it's probably going to be painful with or without dickenson.

I'm going to laugh at your for missing the game when we win it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

July 17, 2007 Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

click here

'On paper it's the 3-0 B.C. Lions set
to host the 0-3 Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The Canadian Football League's

only undefeated club versus
the league's only winless crew.

A mismatch. On paper.

But numbers can be misleading.

For example, one might ask

which of those two teams has produced
more offensive yardage this season.

B.C. right? Nope.

Hamilton has mounted 904 yards of total offence
compared to the Lions' 788.

What that says is that B.C. is scoring
lots of points with a big-play offence.'

I heard on the FAN590 today, that the rule of thumb is that for every rookie you start, you lose 1 game. I think the Cats are starting 15 rookies this season. Beating BC will be a huge task for this team at this early stage of their development. Apart from the players, Bouno is the best coach in the league and they're playing at home. It's hard to be optimistic but as long as they show imnprovement, a loss is easier to take.

An Argo-Cat fan

P.S. Actually I think it was Morreale on Hogan's show today that mentioned the rookie rule.

Jun 18, 2004 HAM 38, BC 36 B.C. Place
was last time we beat BC
The Chances of win this week are Slim.
There is more of Chance for a Blow out.
BC Defence has been Unstopable..
we make two many Mistakes..

Fear not! An upset is in the air!