Lets get ready to rrrruuummmbbbuuulll......

Hats off to the coaches and staff...
This is one fan who is down right excited about the start of this season...
The long running horror show is over....
First-Class group of players going into training camp.
And only the best of the best will go into the regular season.
It's been five long years of same old...same old.
This year is no doubt going to be the starting point of the complete turnaround of the Cats....
I can't wait................ :thup: :thup: :thup:

To quote Jimmy Lennon Jr., "Itttttttttttttttt's SHOWTIME!" :wink:

The best injection of Canadian talent on paper this franchise has had in years. Given time and the right impetus from the Taaffe staff re system and instruction, this foundation will be solid for many years ahead.

Oski Wee Wee,

Even though in live in NZ now, a peice of my heart is still at Balsam St. I played HS and Jr. ball there, and was there for the '72 Grey Cup. All I can say, the vibe feels right this time. In Bob we (I) trust. :smiley:

the horror show isnt over til we wint more than 4 games my friend.

Where is the “WHAT HE SAID” emoticon?

Make no mistake…this is a New Team with New Ideas and a New Attitude! I’m looking forward to the New Season! :slight_smile:

the horror show isnt over til we wint more than 4 games my friend.

Hey Blitz: You don't sound very confident.
I think it might be a good idea if following training camp, many of us on this site get together to see what the confidence level is then.
I'm hoping this team can make us proud but in view of past seasons, I can understand your trepidation.

I am also very excited but heck I was last year to but I really finally think its going to turn around we have experienced CFL coaches and a great GM inplace that should be able to put the urgency to the players the whole attitude of the 2007 Ticats is win now . It said in the Spec today that on the one of the first things that they are going to do at camp is show all the players a Video of the history and the traditions of this proud steel city team and then give them special pep talk by a veteran player to try to get accross to the players what it really means to wear the black and gold GO CATS GO

There is nothing tangible
to be optimistic about,

we haven't won a game yet,

except I have a sneaky suspicion

that bob arranged with
Mother Nature to skip Spring

and go straight to summer weather;
mid season football weather

so our boys will be tricked
into launching our season
playing at mid season form.


The measure of early success for me

will be 20 + points on the scoreboard,
win or lose, in early season games.

Be patient regarding early season
points in the win column, folks.

We ae a re-building team
with a new coaching staff

It will take some time
to round into mid-season form.

By then, we need to be scoring
25 to 30 + points a game and winning.