I see there is still alot of sceptics
out there on MAAS abilities
So i guess i will be the only one
giving him a standing-o when he comes
on to the field next home game.
so if you see an old guy standing it
will be me -GOTC and you can thank
me if he plays very good.

GOTC… sorry, but for me, there’s been too much water under the bridge for Jason. I applaud that he is doing much better than last year, and that he has improved greatly this year, but I still cannot forgive what he did last year.

I still see him as a mentor to Chang, and I hope he imparts some great knowledge to the rookie.

Also… someone in this thread made an allusion (quite possibly unintentional) to supporting the troops… I support all types of troops, but I do NOT have to support the leader (think GWB).

Caretaker already knows I support him.

You should let bygones be bygones
Vuarra and support MAAS, because we
are all after the same thing- to WIN!
and if Maas keeps giving us win's
you can't ask much more of him.

Give me an 'M'

Give me an 'A'

Give me another 'A'

Give me an 'S'

 what have you got??????

 MAAS that's MAAS!!!!!!!!!!!


Give me a 'h'

give me a 'a'

give me a 's'

Give me a 'b'

give me a 'i'

give me a 'g'

Give me a 'e'

Give me a 'a'

Give me a 'r'

Give me a 's'

wat have u got???? (if u include the quote above)

Maas Has Big Ears!!!!! :lol:


IIRC, that's the roll of a BACKUP QB. I want to see Chang get reps too, but not if Maas is playing well and producing (as he did on Friday).

maybe thats why we have allowed the second lowest amount of sacks in the league

Actually, I believe that the curvature of his ears makes it more difficult for him to hear what going on behind him. No doubt, though, the muffled curses and whispered criticisms by his receivers are being picked up loud and clear.

Maas Has Big Ears!!!!! :lol:
Its like having Prince Charles at quarterback!

Has it really come to this?

Just the menatality of some.. I don't get it

well when they run out of argument against what maas has successfully done on the field they have to go to another desperate approach.

Just to show some objective perspective on Maas ... this is what Perry Lefko said on TSN in his Week 6 Recap

"The Tiger-Cats not only recorded their first victory of the season and tightened up the East Division, they made positive, forward steps in their evolution as a team and offence under Taaffe, who feels the Cats are developing an identity. His continued patience with veteran quarterback Jason Maas is paying dividends. When Maas is healthy and developing a groove with his new receivers and offence, he is among the elite quarterbacks in the CFL. His running ability and elusiveness is marvelous to watch, albeit you cringe every time he takes off because he rarely slides. The Cats could be dangerous in the second half of the season."

maas isn't the most pure passer in the league, he leads with heart and grit and smarts and has to continue to play that way to be successful.
i'm glad coach taafee had the foresight and patience in him.

I for one would prefer if the future King of Canada was not insulted in this manner.

Actually, we've had 1.33 seasons of evidence to show that he's not what he used to be; aside from a few good games, he's struggled his entire time as a Ti-Cat, and there's no reason at the moment to believe that he has fully overcome his problems. One win doesn't nullify what happened in the past.

So this justifies you insulting the man's ears?

you see i've got no problem with anyone debating the football side of maas.
it's the stupid ear talking crap that makes others look like they can't come up with an argument and that is what i find weak..
debate on.

im a bit of a smart ass comedian type too, but maybe in another thread is appropriate to talk about someone's physical features.
what's it gotta do with football?.
a qb could have a third eye and two left feet as long as it's his football skills we can debate, not freakin joke telling that replaces the argument.