BUT WE ALL WHAT TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

(AT QB).



:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I will say that Maas played good enough to help us win ,not that he was the reason we won.Jessie Lumsden's performance was the real reason Maas had success in the passing game.Watch the game again and you will see some poor throws by Maas where his recievers made great catches.The Winnepeg defnce was so keyed up on Jessie that it openned up the pass for Maas and our recievers had some separataion do to that.Unfortunately the jury is still out on Jason Maas with our record at 1 & 5 not 5 & 1 !

for me i've seen enough from maas the last 3 games to be our #1.i think this thing will continue. maas has managed this offence better and is showing leadership.it's more than just about stats and passing numbers.

It's about wins and wins only,l am not saying he should not start ,but script Chang in a series or two per game for his development and in case maas gets injured or is not producing.

Maas has been improving each week. He plays with heart. I like Chang too and his time will come.

I support the team. That hasn't changed. If Jason continues to show the kind of finishing ability he had last game, I'm cool with him being the starter. I just hope it's not a one-game aberation, but the start of a growth trend.

As for Chang, his time is now. Meaning that if Jason should falter, Chang should get meaningful reps.

"Who starts," for me, is only a biggie re who gets the lionshare of the practice reps. I still think we are in a situation where Jason will continue to start until Chang actually pulls a game out of the fire in relief of an ineffective Maas. Then the real debate will begin here and eleswhere. LOL

Maas is improving in arm strength from what I can see. His decision-making last game was superior to almost any other game he has had as a Tiger-Cat, thanks in large part to the offensive line's work. He's obviously getting some chemistry with Bauman and Walker in particular.

So today, things look up. I'm rooting for whoever is the QB. We obviously have a team that can compete now. The "we can't throw Timmy to the wolves" argument doesn't cut it so much now. If we need Chang in relief, we can bring him in to hopefully spark something.

Maas has been pushed. Now that the receiving corps and O-line have started to get it together, Jason is coming around to what I expected circa January 2006. It is important that the team doesn't let the foot off the gas. The East picture is still an open question.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm behind Mass all the way!!!

He IS our #1 and he will get the job done next game as well!!!

I think our boys are gonna put a few wins in a row together for us so yes we should give the whole team a standing "O" when the get back in the Hammer!!!

Cant wait!!!!!!!!

Hope Robbie is there too!!!!


I don't know, one win isn't going to miraculously alter Maas' personality; he's still moody and a perfectionist, and people like that tend to fall hard when they slip. And when this happens, he'll just take the team down with him again. As I pointed out elsewhere, he was fifth in the league in yards; being better than only Jackson, a third-stringer, and a rusty Butler. Had Lumsden not had a super game and the kick-off/punt returns been as they were, the outcome would have been much different.

i can honestly say that Maas has been improving all year. The only thing is that He needs his confidence, or else he freaks out and doesn't have an amazing game, and plays badly. I think that we will win on saturday, becuase we have a lot of confidence frfom winning this week, edmonton does not from losing this week. Also, last year when we played edmonton, Maas had his best game of the year i think this waas becuase he was in his home (got to see his familt, sleep in his own bed etc.) If we can score early, and get confidence into the team, im sure we will win. And maybe less stupid penalties too, but if the refs call things that aren't really there, its hard to prevent that.

Ticatschick ... I'm thinking the same thing. I see a W from the Edmonton game. Maas did have his BEST game in Edmonton last year and coming off this SLAUGHTER he'll have the confidence.

And yes if we could stop some of the penalties then we'll be GREAT

I would have climbed over a barbed wire fence last year
to tell Ticat management to dump Jason Maas at any price
if I knew they would swallow their pride about trading for him.

This year he appears to be much more focussed as a person
and has overcome his mental/physical failings of last year

and he has shown that he can absorb a complex new offence.

He meets my criteria as the kind of a veteran professional QB
every CFL team needs and more. Wait until he gets rolling!!

Maas is playing like a battle-tested warrior. Nuff said.

Looking forward to him and Lumsden absolutely destroying the Eskimos.

We have to watch out for the emotional let down after such a huge win. I hope Mass can continue to lead the team with confidence and not come out flat

I'm sick of people saying they saw Jason throw a few poor balls last game. What QB doesn't throw a few poor balls every game? even the best of them such as Ricky Ray and Anthony Calvillo throw a few poor balls every game. Give the guy some credit, they wouldn't have won the game without his great performance.

He's only as good as his next game. It'll take more then one win to make me a believer.

I'll give Maas credit: he's battling hard out there and getting better every game. And let's not forget the insane number of penalties his team, and in particular his O-line, keep taking to nullify big plays. That can't help. I'm still not sure he's 100% because his deep balls tend to hang, but kudos to Maas and the Ti-Cats for getting that first win of the year.

This win should build confidence in not only Maas, but the entire team.

Now Maas' leadership abilities will come into play as he must stay focussed and not slack off.

This is another test for Jason.

It will be interesting to see his performance in Edmonton this week. His arm is still not what it once was and the mental aspect may not be taken care of yet. Unless he plays like the guy we traded for, then he is merely buying the organization time to develop Chang.

Maas improved to average in my book with enough flaws in his game to still make me wary. I can't forget that with the win on Friday, the team is simply on course to duplicate last year's dismal 4-14 record. Maas will have to show me a lot more and for a lot longer before I'm convinced that he's the team's answer at QB. I still believe that in the long run, it will be Chang and that Maas is only buying him the time he needs to get him acclimated to the Canadian game.

An Argo-Cat fan

i don't believe at all this team is on course for 4-14 record, but who's to say? already we could and should be at least 3-3. the red zone problem was the big problem apparently with maas, according to some. well that appears fixed. he has moved the ball consistently,he throwing the ball accurately and distributing it to everyone.and he has shown leadership.
what exactly does maas have to show you?
yes in the long run chang will be your guy but as long as are only 2 points behind a playoff spot chang will only be in when maas' game declines which judging by the last 3 games hasn't.