Lets Get Logo's On the Field

I am living out in Grande Prairie and I wach all the game I was intrested to see that the field has not yett been marked up Iwas told by Bob Young on CHML the 5th ¼ that it was a two year plan to get them on there and this is the 4th season with the new turf i do belive and I just want for the Visitors to know who's cage there walking into... Oskee Wee Wee

I totally agree. Can't we get some logos at least in the endzone???

hey i live in north dallas lol

anyhow I want to see a big logo of a hammer on the field.

whatever the hammer means

I coun't agree more this is our house ! and yet why not put the cfl logo @ mid field

The CFL logo idea isn't bad either. Lots of NFL teams do that type of thing.

The “hammer” is Hamiltons nic name.

oh i see, well hell put a hammer out there..

used to love it when the cats had the leaping tiger in the endzone.

they should bring back the tuchdown cannon. or is it still being used to fight off the tailiban in afganistan

No thanks but will stick to the tiger-cat for years to come

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=14452]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=14452[/url]

Primus has the there logo and Mid-field
Since they are our head Sponsor
it not going to happen this year..
Maybe next ask them to Put a logo with Primus logo under it ..

Hamilton is the hammer. Its quite common to have the city referred to as the hammer

Hamilton has a rich history of being a blue collar town with many industries, steel being the main one.

Hamilton was to Canada, what Pittsburgh was to the U.S.

Hence the Hammer.

Actually its because of the first 3 letters of both words

Well that's the obvious connection.

I would have to say it't fine for someone to disagree with putting logo's on the field but let hear your reason behind it

Definately!...logos out there would make it pretty neat too.

The City of Hamilton owns IWS and the City of Hamilton bought the new turf a few years ago. And the turf they bought CANNOT be painted on. As any logo or ads have to be sew in place.

In order to the logos in the end zone they would either replace a completely good turf with new turf with the logo sewed into the endzone or get new turf that allows you to paint it. Or just out the endzone pieces and replace with the new logo end zone piece. But then you'll have a seam basically across the end zone which isn't that safe.

While its a good idea, its not going to happen.

If the field gets any more logos painted on it, it just might enter a NASCAR race.

I'm all for the team logo being somewhere on the field (...I thought the Renegades logo at centre-field looked awesome)...but, it'd have to come at the expense of a logo that currently resides there. Otherwise the game looks like it's being played on the wall of a strip mall.

All of Nascar infields are real grass. And real grass can be painted over and over again.