Lets get Jefferson, Davis and Wynn

I say we do whatever it takes to get Jefferson and re-sign Wynn and Davis…

Can you imagine teams trying to stop that front 4??

Lawrence, Frey and Murray in the middle

Breaux, Brooks, Adeleke, williams and Rolle in the backfield.

Sounds like an awesome Defence!!

To put it right through the roof throw in Larry Dean in the middle with Chris Frey and we are unstoppable!!!

Sign everybody.

Whatever it takes would=trading Masoli…are you sure?

If they somehow sign both Davis and Jefferson, I don’t think you’ll see Wynn, Tasker and/or Ryker Matthews back

Jefferson may be using the Cats to drive up the Peg and Argo offers . Would the Cats use Jefferson to

reduce a Davis demand ? Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall during these negotiations ?

I’d take Davis over Jefferson . He shows up every game .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Hey Ticats…

But don’t let anybody walk.

Can we just start 14 players on defence? Other teams would struggle to game-plan against us.

We probably could if we werent paying 300k for a qb we no longer need, but hey ??♂?

One down, two to go. We just re-signed Davis for around $230k…

It’s a two DE league now.

Signing Howsware I think puts us out of the Jefferson running, fine lads.

It doesnt put us out of the running as theyre still heavily pursuing Jefferson even with howsare signed but it does make it an easier pill to swallow if he signs with either of the other two teams hes narrowd it down to

It will be either Wynn or Jefferson, I don’t think the Ti-Cats can afford both.


Replacing Wynn in the interior beside Laurent would be quite difficult.

What other comparable players are available as Free Agents if we happen to lose Dylan Wynn? ???

Cleyon Laing, Davon Coleman.

But the argument could be made that if we get Jefferson, we wouldn’t need a Wynn in the middle anymore.

Didn’t the organization say the other day that going after Jefferson doesn’t affect them going after Wynn or Davis?

How does the cap work? Can they sign and exceed the cap so long as they get under the cap by season start?

If so, sign them both and figure it out after?

Or, follow the Calgary model and cut loose a beloved veteran a year or 2 before they hit their decline…looking at Tasker here.

Seems to get banged up quite a bit, and seems like we’re able to find recivers at will. His position is probably the easiest to find adequate, affordable replacement for.