Let's get drunk with the Witches...

That wasn't Bad Hank so much as it was John Chick & Adrian Tracy going flat out. :wink:

Ya think Austin is a little pumped up in this video! :rockin:

Party like you're going to the playoffs


Is that really Austin?? Holy crap…excited or what?? Nice to see some positive emotion from him, :rockin:

:thup: Ti-Cats beat the RB's in a soggy slug fest and put themselves in a position to possibly take first place in the East.
 Great emotion all right!  <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->  <!-- s:cowboy: -->:cowboy:<!-- s:cowboy: -->

Guys somebody post a clip , link etc , watch the TSN Clip of our Boyz celebrating in the locker room , Austin was right into it also!

Message to Bob Young order Oakley ski Goggles for our players because the best is yet to come !

"Next man up !"
Very very proud of our Lads !

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Re: Let's get drunk with the Witches...
by Grover » Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:48 am

Ya think Austin is a little pumped up in this video! :rockin:

Party like you're going to the playoffs


We are going to need Oakley ski goggles ASAP

And some people think he has lost the room...... :lol:

That video link ain't working ?!

Maybe our back up quarterback should do up his chin strap on those 1 yard plays. We may (heaven forbid) need him to play sometime.

I was thinking the same thing! :smiley:

Bottom line this is a HUGE win for our team showing what we can do with our say B team ?! its mentally a huge game for our locker room and a statement from our coaches and organization , bringing in these cut players to bolster our squad helped Huge to get this W


Just seeing that comeback win and the fight they showed, then coupled with Kent Austin going hard in the yard after the game with all the boys getting everyone amped up…can’t help but make you smile and rejuvenate your trust in this team.

Austin’s Cats have never made it pretty, but come playoff time they find a way to get stuff done…until Ed Gainey ruins it.

Honestly I’d be just happy if they made the Grey Cup after this dumpster fire of a season, idec bout winning it. …but if they do make it, I am sure I will change my tune real quick :cowboy:

Great...great win.
Not only are our Cats in the play-offs...
We are in the hunt for 1st place in the East.
"Our guys never quit"
You have to respect that, I know I sure as hell do. :thup: :thup: :thup:

We have to sell out and rock the house at THF back our Lads the 13th man Loud and Proud lets ride this wave and win it and host the eastern final as that bye week would really help with our injured

Here's a feel-good stat for a so-so season:

We have won the season series against all three Eastern opponents;
We won the season series against the Riders;
We have a chance to win the season series against the Eskimos (not very likely, but still).

Winning the season series against 5 of 8 teams is nothing to laugh at...

That's a good stat, definitely not something to laugh at and winning out versus the East is the reason why they made the playoffs, divisional games mean so much.

With that being said, still combined record of those 5 teams is 30-50-1 and we still have to beat the Eskimos to make that five sweeps. Speaks more to the dominance of the top three teams in the West who are a combined 35-13-1 with some of those losses coming against each other of course. Boggles my mind why that can never happen in the East but whatever it ends up helping the Cats more times than not.

Still, you need to beat the bad teams before you can call yourself a great team, so it's comforting to know they've won the games they should have versus inferior opponents...the frustrating part is that they keep throwing away games against good opponents ... except last week of course :rockin:

This team can still go to the Grey Cup very easily...the Eskimos just scare the crap out of me with their passing attack v.s our defensive backfield, I think the Esks scare me more than the TwoColours at this point actually.

Great win...I was at the game. Mazoli played great except for telegraphing a few passes early on..he should really learn to look some of them off...the Ottawa fans around me knew exactly who he was going to throw to...but he got us through.
The defense was still in question somewhat but over all the tackling improved (even with the cured zone coverage) and they came through "BIG TIME" especially the Burris strip fumble in overtime....I felt nervous sitting in the middle of all the Ottawa fans wearing all my Ti-Cat gear...of course they had been on my case all game making fun of me & the Cats.
What we need now is confidence and the best pill would be to win out & show the naysayers that we are for real...Cheers

This season may not have been going as well as wanted it to, but here's something else that should be mentioned: This is the fourth consecutive year in which this team has clinched the home field advantage for a playoff game. Four consecutive years of this team hosting playoff games is something that hasn't happened since the Lancaster era. Yes, we are still waiting for something else that hasn't happened since Lancaster coached this team. But you have to like how this team has consistently been good enough to finish in at least second place in its division in all four years of this Austin era.

I'd also like to mention this: Only one sack was surrendered by the offence. I believe the offensive line did a good job. And the RT on it was a rookie playing out of position. Revenberg seems to be doing quite well, and the decision to acquire the 3rd overall pick to get him is looking like a very good one.

And one more thing: There have been times when this team took too many penalties. But this game sure wasn't one of them, was it?

Here is 312lbs. Atkinson going airborn to intercept bad Hank!
Incredible play for a BIG Man!

On the final play of the first quarter, Atkinson threw his left arm up and into the throwing lane of Henry Burris, deflecting the pass up in the air and behind the 6’0?, 312 lb butterfly. Yes, butterfly. Because that’s what Atkinson looked like as he pivoted, dove and laid out horizontally, gracefully floating to the turf like an autumn maple leaf, and snaring the ball a mere inches above the ground.