Let's get behind this team on Monday

Most of us, if asked about our feelings for the Ticats this year, would use words like frustrated, disappointed, angry, mystified or maybe just totally p'd off.

We are playing the biggest game of the year on Monday. Whether we are 0-8 or 8-0, it makes no difference, it is still Labour Day and a win is a win.

Let us put our feeling aside, forget the turmoil of the past week and let us show this team that we care.

We are the 13th man, we are the home advantage.

Let's bring the noise makers, the horns and the cowbells, and let's MAKE SOME NOISE.

Oskee Wee Wee!Let's go Cats!!???

Oskee Wee Wee yes Let's get behind this team on Monday

We still "care" but I care less now since the turmoil of the last week. Would you still be saying this if Art Briles was on the sidelines?

Still probably letting my seats go empty on Monday. Sorry.

I know. I shouldn't let the door hit me on the way out. I am a negative troll. Say whatever else applies. I'll take it.

I am an old school guy. I care about what used to be known as 'character'.

Most do not, I guess. I used to be a rabid NY Mets fan (born in NY) but the druggie teams of the mid-80's turned me off so much that I dropped the team emotionally and have not followed them since.

The Manziel push these days looks fair to be the straw that actually does end my love for the team.

Hire this unrepentent young man and my respect for the team ends. So be it. The Cats don't need me. I'm one old guy and in the big scheme of life 55 years of me rooting for this team doesn't count for a lot.

We'll see but I am not hopeful. Enjoy the game guys. Glad you can. Wish I could.

Masoli will kill it in Jones offence; here's a reminder of what he can do:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTkxIQ11Gzs 8)

Go Cats!

If the offense can score some TD's and put some drives together to give the Defense some rest they will win.

Would like to see a balanced attack on offense with some runs by Masoli and gable.

Keep the faith if the cats can win labour day and then in Toronto would make for a fun rest of the season!

I’ll be at the game Monday, in my 2017 edition of the Labour Day Classic T-shirt.

My fear is a half empty stadium, or fans sitting on their hands, even booing the Cats. I hope we will be able to rise above the events of this past week, and rally behind our team. Everyone else is quick to pounce on the team and the city, I hope we as fans don’t join them.

I realize that just sounds like the old “us against them” crap, but I gotta think, if we don’t stand up for ourselves, then, who will?

I posted early under other discussions the following:

As a long time season ticket holder, I hope the stadium isn't empty - we should be out in force to support the "boys" actually playing the game for us. We are "The 13th man" and the guys could use us on Monday.

However, I will send a message to Hamilton TiCat management and to CFL fans country wide that I was shocked and saddened by the Briles potential hiring.

I will not be wearing any TiCat gear, and I am normally decked out head to toe. Instead, I will celebrate Canada and wear Red and an appropriate cap to celebrate our nation one more time in this it's 150th year.

Anyone care to join me?

Wearing Red in Sec 103

Go Cats Go!

I'm struggling with this but right now, not planning on wearing Black and Gold to show my displeasure with senior management. My heart wants to buy a Masoli jersey.

You might as well wear double blue if not the colours of your home team! Keep the faith and your gold and blacks. Win or lose your there to support the players not some Tom/Dick/Harry admin type.

My thoughts exactly...if I had to go cheer for the management team on Monday, I'd be out quicker than you can say Briles, but the players have had zero to do with all the turmoil...it was a freaking bye week.

But I won't be wearing my Cats gear...got to have some sort of protest in my mind, to each their own of course. I wasn't going to go originally but got to support the boys on the field.

Real fans never waiver no matter what.

well no.... but stop by the tailgate (usually in the lot behind the ukrainian church) and we'll gladly have a beer with you.

Why are you protesting something that didn't happen? Get over it, and get behind the team

Hey JL.... where's the room for reasoned debate and recognition of the emotions of others?

I remember you defending various opinions on this board in the past and I've appreciated your inputs over the years . (Under different names...... were you caught by the changes? I've managed to keep the same name since day 2 of these boards.... and loooong before that!)

Or are you giving an ironic take on the origination of the word 'fan' - from fanatic? I guess that if we keep to the original meaning that your observation would apply. :slight_smile:

So, your happy if the Cats just win one game on Labor Day. Maybe that is why the team is so awful. Fan expectations are low. We should show our displeasure by boycotting the game. Mediocracy reigns supreme in Hamilton.

If you can only support the teams that win every game they play, I guess that means you can only support The Harlem Globetrotters? Real teams in real leagues seem to have their ups and downs, over time, real fans stay on the band-wagon through thick and thin. Just an opinion.

And then there are those poor Stampeder fans . It must be tough being a fan of that team . That poor fan base has had to endure and put up with a team that has "only" gone 22 - 3 - 2 regular season since the start of 2016 and "only" a paltry record of 62 - 14 - 2 since the 2013 season . By comparison this Cat team of ours has lost more games(19) in the last year and a half then the Stamps have lost in the last 4 and a half years combined . Yup so I guess if there was a Harlem Globetrotter's team in the CFL it would be those Stamps and as for us ? Well I guess we can be the Washington Generals of the CFL . :o

I don't see anything in my post that suggests I am happy to go 1-17 this year.

I remember a past season when labour day was our first win,with a new coach. The crowd can make a difference, let's not give up on this team yet