Lets get back to the games

Im starting to get tired of all the NFL stuff already lets get back to fighting about some CFL football stuff. Nobodies told me Im an asshole in a couple of days.

BC by 20 Edm will score a couple late to make it close
WPG by 14 Burris gets reinjured in 2nd quarter
TO by 3 TO pissed about all thats gone on this week
Ham by 1 Printers passes for 428 yards

Printers wont throw for that much.

Edm shocks BC as Jackson is pulled in favor of Pearce. Hospital emergency rooms flooded dealing with several broken ankles from bandwagon jumpers.

Winnipeg pounds Calgary as Burris gets reinjured, Sankey feels a "slight" groin pull and Reynolds ends the game as the QB AND the RB.

Mont beats Tor - Calvillo leaves at half time to go be with his wife during delivery and Maas comes off the bench to throw for 400 yards.

Hamilton beats Sk by a last second FG in a driving rainstorm causing Bob Young to run into the stands waving a Ti-Cat flag imporing the fans to hold out hope that next year will be better.


BigU your fantastic man your da man!

BobbyP, your a big a*****e! That was fun. 8)

I also second your lol of BigU’s post.

Back to Football, a novel idea.

Correcting Big U, unless the QB's break a leg you have the score backwards. No bandwagon jumpers here. When the Lions were brutal in the late 90's we had the paperbags over our heads!

It will be curious to see how BC & Sask play now that they have some breathing room atop the division. Could be a let up for one or both of them.

Als Argos should be the best game of the weekend. This one could go either way despite how hot the Argos have been lately. These two clubs look very evenly matched up.

Bombers Stamps, could go either way on this one. I think it comes down to which team wants it more and who makes the least mistakes.

Yes Piggy, taking teams lightly could be a problem.

I actually hope the Lions lose their game in Hamilton. Why? It would be a perfect wakeup call right before playoffs. Also at some point a long winning streak gets snapped. Better tweeks before playoffs than during!

I got the first game right a little off on the score though.

No hard feelings, but us Esks fans will have to cheer for you to get the second game wrong tomorrow…

On the bright side, it ought to be somewhere near 13-15 degrees tomorrow afternoon at Commonwealth, certainly beats a cold evening for a game!

I sure hope that game wasn't the best one of the weekend. Ugh.

I forgot the Als were coming off a 4 day rest week, should have seen that performance coming from them. I'm sure the rest of the games will be much better.

...Als. came out looking like they really wanted to win.....then gradually went into a tail-spin which resulted in the inevitable...Besides having a short week to work on...i can see the Als. have bigger problems...and are going to have a tough time , the rest of the yr. beating the Argos or the Bombers.... :roll:

Two for two so far extremely lucky BC deserved to lose.

…but has anyone called you an asshole yet? :smiley:

In a round about way yes. Still waiting though I think it will be coming again SOOOOON.

...you say something rude enough to me and I'll call you an asshole, if you want...

Along with a few other "pleasantries" that will have the filter working OT. :lol:

I agree with JM02 and mongo here!bobbypee.