Lets fire the LOGO!

It has let us down since we changed it from the old one!

Just kidding! lets stop firing everybody!

But seriously, the ticats have not had anything close to a winning record since changing the logo.

Why mess with tradition?

+1 vote for the old logo!

I don't mind the new logo... I just don't think it's as "mean" as the old one.

1 vote for the old logo!

I don't mind the new logo... I just don't think it's as "mean" as the old one.

I could not agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Chicago Cubs' misfortunes can be traced to an actual curse supposedly uttered by a Cubs fan upset that he and his goat were denied admittance to Game Four of 1945 World Series pitting the Cubs against the Detroit Tigers. The Cubs lost that series and haven't been back to the World Series since.

So who's the (old) goat that brought his friend to a Ticat gane

more seriously BRING BACK THE OLD LOGO and TAKE THE RED OUT of the uniforms..


The real curse was caused by Bob’s admonishing of the forbidden chant. It broke the spirit of Tiger-Cats football. The changing of the logo was just periphary to this. Take back what you said about the chant Bob, if nothing else other than to shut guys like me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, you might be on to something.

The Undertaker Era has been an unmitigated disaster on the field: nothing has worked, everyone brought in has underachieved.

I'm at wit's end as to why this is, so maybe there's something to this curse theory...(for the record, I am against the Undertaker's banning of said curse; it fits in well with the Steeltown brand - what is this, a bloody Blue Gays game?).

Jokes on that guy, goats arent listed as banned items to cat games. Plus the coaching staff all wear horns on regular basis.

The only stuff I have in my house has the old logo. Never have liked the new one and probably never will.
The old logo stands for pride, tradition and tough hard-nosed football. The last time we wore it wew went 9-8-1 and were in the playoffs. The new one has stood for is a pathetic product. With the new one the teams record has been an abysmal 13-56. Need I say more?

The logo does not affect the players and coaches that wear it at all once the game starts. The logo is fine, everything needs some change sometimes, the product wearing the logo needs to get better.

The product needs to get better...FAST!

Why is it when we trade or release our 'product wearing the logo' they do way better on other teams?

The Curse is well documented. You can read about it here:


No worries though, we released the cats from the curse. Things will get better soon?

STOX, is that you?

Haha, that’s all well and good that you had a release the curse night, but the curse will never be lifted until Bob recends his renouncement of the chant. I think the proof your release the curse night didn’t work is in the pudding of our record this season. :cry:

Keep in mind there is a large contingent of TiCat fans glad the "chant" is banned.

new logo stinks. as does stripes. bring back the old logo, T.C. and argos s u c k bumper stickers.