Lets Fire Machoaka and Campell Already!

This is enough , and I'm getting sick and tired of this . We have got to make some Coaching changes now before it is too late. I can understand losing to MTL but not that badly and the loss to Winnipeg was just to much for me to handle . I can't imagine the Fans in Edmonton putting up with this any longer,if this keeps up we may miss the playoffs for 3 yrs in a row.
I look at this roster and I really think we have some of the best talent in the league we can't improve it much more , so whats next ? The only thing left to do is get rid of all the Coaching staff and as hard as it is to write I think Kepley has got to go as well. we need Some new thinking to inject some fire in this Team.

Unfortunately, there isn't much for coaching talent available right now. That is, apart from Rich Stubler, if he'd even want to hire on as defensive coordinator here. Stubler can't coach the whole team on his own obviously.

Whoa, whoa, your team loses two games and you want to fire the entire coaching staff? The loss in Montreal was bad, but every team gets blown out now and again. My Als had just gotten blown out the week before by the Stamps. It happens. The Winnipeg loss wasn't a blowout, just a hard loss to a desperate team whose offense is starting to shift into gear. While the Argos and the Cats are both bottom-feeding messes, Winnipeg is now showing that they weren't nearly as bad as their record from earlier in the season. No shame in losing a close game to them, especially in Canad Inns.

I expect the Eskimos to rebound next week at Commonwealth Stadium. They have too much talent not to bounce back.

As much as I'd love to give Danny and the rest of the chimps their pink slips, now isn't the time. There are only 5 games left in the season. We need to focus on winning, not finding a new coach. We can give Danny the boot in November.

Though we've lost two straight games, I don't think we're dead yet. We still have 3 games on Toronto, so they're going to be hard pressed knocking us out of the playoffs.

Next up we have Winnipeg at home, then a back-to-back with B.C., then we finish with Saskatchewan and Montreal. Not the easiest schedule, but 3 of those games are at home, where we're 5-1. That helps. Toronto's schedule is equally difficult. It'd be nice if we could make it in the West, but the weak East still gives us a chance at the playoffs.

It might be best anyway going to the east while the western teams beat each other up to make it to the Final , I would still like to see the Coaching staff go now rather then later as it gives them a chance to evaluate the talent now and can make some changes as nessesary. and it always seems to spark a team when it happens but at this rate I don't see us doing much the rest of the way . we have a very difficult scheduale ahead of us and can't see us beating anyone besides TO . 2yrs in a row not making the playoffs was bad enough 3yrs and I may just have to come to Edmonton and remove the sign "City of Champions".

Its tough, but I wouldnt count us out. We should be able to take the re-match against Winnipeg, then a couple weeks later we have a sliding Riders team. But that game is on the road, and they could get some injured guys back. Then we have Motreal at home. Considering Montreal already has a playoff spot locked up, I wouldnt be surprised if they took it easy, seeing as its the last game of the year. I could see us getting at least 2 more wins, which would put us at .500, and give us a playoff spot.

sure if your happy with a 500 record were just lucky the east has been this bad, or we could in for another early finish.

Well, considering we only won 12 games in 2 seasons, I’d consider 9 wins in 1 season an improvement.

But with the talent we have on the field we should have won more then 12 games all the more reason to make the change.

I'm sorry, but if you think we should have won more than 12 games, then I'd say your expectations were just a little too high. We're not playing in the Least.

Yeah, the parity in the west means that no one is going to dominate as in the days of old. All four teams in the west have a legit shot at the Grey Cup this year IMO (though I'd give Calgary a slight edge). I think the Esks have done very well this year. Ray will bounce back, he always does. That guy is just a passing machine.