Let's face it....we're DISGUSTED!

First, lets start off with the negative and work our way into the positives. I'm gonna lay it on the line here for all to chew on. The Tiger Cats have looked terrible in the first two games of the season. And as a long time fan, it seriously turns my stomach to see things unfold the way they have. Admit it, we've all had gigantic expectations of the 'new look' Tiger Cats this season. Hell, I wanted to go running through a sprinkler when Ranek, Maas, and Holmes hopped on board. (to name a few good players)

Fact is, the CATS stink right now. They have faced to division rivals and have proven that they cannot compete at that level....YET. I watched as our terrible DB's got shanghai'd all night long. I watched as our lacklustre Defensive line couldn't hit the water if they fell out of a boat. I watched as our boys earned penalty after penalty instead of point after point.

Blame who you want to blame...but the fact is...this team needs to get their act in gear and in a hurry! Now for the positive part.

I still believe 100% that the TiCats CAN compete if not dominate the east. It's still early to reach for the panic button. Face it, did you really expect them to reach the Grey Cup this year? Come on now! It's a work in progress as Mr. Young said. I like the new offense and the different looks I saw last night. I think this could be a very potent offense, once THEY START CLICKING!

In conclusion, it's okay to feel disgusted right now. In fact, it's warranted. But don't go throwing any towels in just yet, because I can guarantee you, this team is going to be showing us some fantastic things. Hopefully in the very near future!

I'm not disgusted at all.

I don't think they've looked terrible.

They haven't had a good game yet, but it'll come. Too much talent here.

Disappointed."NEVER" This is our team and we have to give them a chance to gell. The saying WIN LOSE OR DRAW means just what it says if you are a real fan. Lets give our team time. I remember one year we went 0 & 4 and went to the Grey Cup. I know you have the right to your opinion. BUT! Everyone has to learn what the other person on a line at Ford [example] does or the line will shut down or Cars smash into each other. This team will be great. Lets just all get behind all of them including the Coaches and give them a chance to show us. pat_cat :thup:

Right on Pat! :thup:

Sure, we'd like to have seen a better result but it's the players and coaches who feel worse than we do and will be extra determined to turn it around. As an example, Jamie Boreham had this to say in today's Spectator:

[i]""No," Boreham answered when asked whether the boos bothered him.

"My kicking bothers me. I embarrassed myself out there. I let the team down, so I have to be better next week and fix things," he said. Ticat head coach Greg Marshall said post-game he continues to have confidence in his kicker. "That's nice when people do believe in you. It makes things easier at times like this. "You live to fight another day and that (Saturday night's performance) won't happen again. I'm just looking forward to kicking again and atone for the mistakes of (Saturday) night."[/i]

If Jamie is an example of the attitude in the locker room, we'll be just fine....

Oskee Wee Wee!

The good thing is we looked pretty good at times and didn't get completely blown out by a far superior team. We need time to gel.
But as Greg Frers said on the radio after the game, what was with all those hitch passes late in the game when you are down by a few td's? I have to agree with him, more crossing patterns and a bit more down field stuff at that time of the game, Joe, half-time adjustments please next game if needed here.

I'd rather have this result at Game 2 then at Game 15.

Staying positive for now.

Go Cats Go !

Who are you kidding,this is not what we expected from our Ticats this year!!Our team has played poorly,at least our defense could help our offense until it jells ,but guess what it stinks too and is the worst in the CFl ,at least the Argos defense helps their team ours sucks!Changes must be made now not when were 0 and 4 which we will be.Positive thinking will get us nowhere and Jamie Boreham's kicking has cost us too many times.Give him the boot to show that winning is more important than being positive and maybe the rest of the team will realize that we are serious about winning.How can we be positive about what we have witnessed so far,remember wasted talent is a more serious mistake than having no talent.NO MORE EXCUSES FROM OUR COACH AND FANS OR WE WILL GET ANOTHER 5 AND 13 SEASON!Winners make no excuses and losers are full of them,the coach has the talent here and it is his job to use it properly.I am a Huge Ticat fan ,l bleed yellow and Black and l have the right to be critical,l buy four club season tickets every year from my money not some corporate freebe and l am not going to pretend that everything is "alright " when clearly it is not!!!!!!!!

Well, while I'm disapointed with the outcome...I'm still optomistic on the season. The team will come together and we will be allright!

Let's not get into pointing fingers and finding fault. It will come together!

IMO the areas that need to improve are:

  1. eliminate dumb penalties
  2. Need better pass rush..if the QB has all day he is going to pick apart the secondary.
  3. run blocking...it was not there on Saturday. They need to do a better job.
  4. better coaching..for example: Spec.Teams coach calling a block punt scheme late in the game with Montreal deep in their end. Result: roughing the kicker..should have set up return only. Killed any late chance of a comeback as Montreal marched down the field after that and scored.
    All I can say is if these areas don't improve this week then changes will have to be made.

Very Dissapointed yes, but things will turn around after we go 0-4! Then we will be ok! Hey there are problems still around from last season there is no excuse for all the STUPID UN DISSAPLINED PENALTIES, but can you blame the players when Marshall freaks out all the time! Maybe the players don't respect Marshall or have tuned him out totally then its great to have a proven CFL head coach on staff to jump in and take control of this team.

I think we will be ok after we go 0-4! then this team will turnaround.

[quote="Kooblahdee"]IMO the areas that need to improve are:

  1. eliminate dumb penalties
  2. Need better pass rush..if the QB has all day he is going to pick apart the secondary.

I think this guy really hit the nail on the head. As much as his #1 point goes without saying, the #2 was the only real big problem i've seen that deserves immediate attention.


"Don't Panic"?

Funny I remember posting the same type of message last year at this time.

It was early in the year I thought, people shouldn't freak so early I thought....

Well you know what......I'm getting FED UP.

Fed up of excuses, fed up with the "we're going to be a good team", fed up with "we have a plan"...

Here's an idea....WIN A DAMN GAME!!!!

I, along with most of you haven't missed many games in the last 30 years or so.

I've made excuses for this team over and over again.

I, along with you, have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the last thirty years on tickets, shirts,etc.


I want a winning team. I deserve it....you deserve it. We've had a few years of competitive football and that's it.

Mr. Young you've done a great job of fixing everything off the field. You are to be commended and sincerely, Thank You BUT what I saw on the field for the last two years is not good enough. If we come back 0-4 things have to change DRASTICALLY

our passing game is horrible though.. i dont even care who disagrees.. small screen and short passes to the SB for 4 quarters! wtf is that.. no more DJ flick on this team or what!! hook him up with some passes..

Trust me, you're going to see more crossing patterns and stuff next game, I like the short stuff as part of the game plan for sure but you have to have more other stuff to use in the second half of the game, more variety and imagination and guts to get the ball downfield a bit. I think maybe that was it, we lacked the guts to throw it downfield, doesn't have to be fly patterns or such, agains't the Als, they intimidated our coaching staff I think and maybe our qb?

I don't have any problem with the short stuff per se... I'd like to see enough long passes to keep the other team honest, but I've always been a fan of the running game and using running backs out of the backfield. But why not mix it up a bit? Set Holmes in motion from tail back to slot, set Radlein up as an extra pass blocker, then slip Julian in behind the line of scrimmage and throw the screen to HIM. I don't think they tried that once. That little bit of deception could have easily sprung several of the other screens. Just a thought.

This is the CFL, more imagination, more creativity and let Jason have some freedom, no control freak stuff. I've heard that Marshall is a big time control freak, if this is the case, he might not work out at this level compared with college where the players don't have the talent these guys have.

Greg, take it easy a bit on the control freakish stuff.