lets expand with 4 canadian teams

i think that we need more teams in the CFL. PUT hALIFAX,QUEBEC CITY,OTTAWA AND A TEAM IN WINDSOR.put winnipeg back in the west again it would be wgreat wouldn't it

We need to have the right owners and right stadiums in place before we even expand one team let alone four. The BOG must make do their research before expanding anywhere especially including market research.

Canada does not have the population to support 12 pro teams. That would be like the NFL trying to make a go of it with 120 teams.

Sort of.
The Americans actually have around 120 pro sports teams right now--hockey, football, baseball and basketball. A little hard to compare that situation to more CFL teams in Canada, but to a certain extent, sports fans are sports fans, and if they have a team, they will support it.
The biggest problem would be stadiums. And in the Windsor area, you would likely need to draw fans from Detroit, which might be a tough market.

But 12 CFL teams isn't quite as ridiculous as it seems....still, that would give Canada 18 pro teams overall which is quite a few.

The difference is that the "120" American pro teams do not really compete with each other becuase they are not all played at the same time. If the CFL had 12 teams they would be.

Lets concentrate on getting a stable balanced 10 team league.

Even if 12 is someday feasible, it is a long, long, long way in the future. Likely sometime after the Riders celebrate their 9th Grey Cup win.....

10 is however doable soon.

I have always said how a 12 team league is needed, of course stadiums are required in all but Ottawa.
If we can't do 12, then 10 Canadian sites plus 2-4 US boarder only with no other Major League teams would be OK.

stop with the big expansion talk..

you can't do it.

Ottawa and Halifax only.

What about Quebec City? (Without current mayor)

come on guys the CFL needs new teams in 5 years we will see people loose interest in the game. bring in more teams.

you dont have the slightest clue what you talking about.

Loose interest in 5 years :roll:

it is clear there is a whole lot about this issue you dont get, like supply and demand, economics, population ratio, etc.

Wait til you at least finish high school before trying to talk about something this far above you.

Ya the Grey Cup has been losing intrest for the past 90 years :roll:

RO the Grey Cup is the Crown Jewel and no other Championship game can compare, but I do agree we need to grow this game as I do see the league is stagnate.
What perfect example then this year with 8 teams, teams are playing one other team a whopping 4 times in the regular season and also twice in the Xibition schedule.
We better expand asap to include Ottawa next year and yes three more teams after. Whether here or the US, if needed.

your are right there, don’t get me wrong i love the CFL,but it needs more than just 8 teams.smaller city can handle 20,000 to 25,000 seats

I was being sarcastic

Again you just can't expand for the sake of expanding. You cannot have 10, 12 teams just because the CFL would be better with more teams. To bring in more teams there must be a plan in place to bring in franchises that will be successful, franchises that will not fold in 5, 10 years after existance. If teams are brought in just because we need more teams, they will fold again and the CFL will go through the same crap they had to go through earlier this year. They cannot expand to the U.S. also because the import rule (or lack of in the states) creates an unfair imbalance among the teams.

No, any expansion team must have a minimum 25,000 seat stadium, or in fact I would go higher to a minimum 30,000 seats. Every recent owner has said how they need at least 25,000 average to break even.

RO, I know you were. Having said that, it just gave me the opener to add the rest.

It would be nice to get coast-to-coast (Halifax), it would be nice to have a Montreal/QC rivalary, and it would be nice to have a team back in Ottawa ... still, there's nowhere in the West really to put a team - unless you consider American markets. There's a huge NFL gap between Minnesota, Seattle and Phoenix. Perhaps Salt Lake City, or some city in Idaho, Montana, etc could support a CFL team. As for the import ratio, you could force them to use x number of players from within the state, or who went to the local college ... (which would also be good for attendance)