Let's evaluate Obie thus far

It is a good thing for O'Billovich that he doesn't have to answer for his actions to the average fan, probably would have to explain it too many times.
The results of his dealings have been evident all season long, granted not as many W's as we all would like, but still a progression. Peaks and valleys during the season so far but a lot of close games, couple of blow outs, but overall a better season than we have seen in the last few years. Seems to be more better players than in the past, Obie seems intent on improving on his weakest players and I would not be surprised to see more help coming between now and next season, both on & off the field.
Season so far seems one of evaluation & improvement. B+
Best of luck Obie, you're on the right path!

Correction. With Moreno: 2-9: 18% wins.
Without Moreno: 1-2: 33% wins.


What I see happening in Hamilton is the birth of the Hamilton Lions carefully being fostered by Obie. He understands that paramount to a team becoming a championship team on the player side you need quaterbacking. B.C. has over the years had depth in that possition and for the first time in 30 years so has Hamilton. Next it is important to remember that every player can be improved on. Trading Moreno for Canada when we needed improvement on the D-Line was a no brainer especially when we had Anthony and Siskowic as replacements. The trade didn't work out as planned, but we may still end up doing ok. As far as how Winnepeg handled it... well lets say Obie's got a long memory. By the way did anyone watch Siskowic play yesterday. Awesome!!
When you rebuild a team you need to see how the players interact with one another and what decisions they make under pressure. This is the tough part since you now essentially are tinkering and tweaking. During the process you need the best players you can get since you are also looking to the future. Hence, the sighing of K.K. Just look at B.C. They traded Winnepeg for their top back when they already had Logan. As for Lumsden, he is a great player; however, he chose to try out for the NFL twice rather than come to Hamilton and on top of getting a decent contract here has been hurt 80% of the games contributing little to the team. Obie has tried to sign him but Lunsden I believe has another agenda so getting K.K. in a position were injuries are high makes sense.
We are in need of players in other positions and they will come. This is a greatly improved team over last year though their winning record does not as yet back that up. As far as the coaching that too is under review. Obie had to give Taffy a chance and when he saw that he was not the man acted on it Currently Bellefeuille in my opinion is doing a good job and I hope he gets a chance at the team next year. Some of the assistant coaches may not be as fortunate but then that's part of the tweaking process. If you read any of these Obie I'd like to say keep up the good work!