Let's evaluate Obie thus far

How many good imports has he brought in ?

Not many .... He sigbned Keith and overpad him in a position that he should be stacked in if he managed LUMSDEN correctly and made sure lumsden was stcking around . Miles is turning out to be a bust but I don not blame him on that one . Rodriguez could be ok . Mitchell is looking pretty bad and Cohen is not much The offensive tackles ..well Thomas has been OK and Cavka less than ok . Tre Smith was a decent pickup as was Porter .
The dlineman ...they have brought in many imports and really only Patrick has looked decent ..Adams was already here last year .

The linebackers ...Well unloading Moreno is one of the worst moves in the histroy of the ticats. knowlton has been ok at best ....siskowic could be decent and anthony ok .

the DB's ..bradley and goprdon were here last year and thompson and robinson were decent pickups ....tisdale looks liek he could be good ..

Obie's choice of coaches and keepoing taffe appears to be turing out quite poor as well .

with the very low quality of players he has brought in and the poor game plans his caoches that he bvrought in are preapring I think he has been a disaster thus far ...throw in the moreno trade and the fact he can''t find a dlineman that can rush the passer or an olineman that knows how to stop the rush i find his rating to be an "F"

If he messed up the printers and lumsden situations like i imagine he will then what ?

I HONESTLY think me and 5 guys from the ticats chat lcould have done no worse than him at least we'd have moreno still and id have picked upa few recievers with cfl experience and i would not have spent 140,000 to get another running back and i would never have kept taffe after teh year he had last year .

OBIE ? what has happened to you ..can younot find an offensive tackle or defensive tackle from the nfl cuts that is not a first year guy fresh out of college ....?

can we not bring back stubler or don sutherin to have that tough ticats defence that we used to have ? i mean c'mon maybe two guys in that defence scare anyone and one got traded ( moreno ).
WE NEED players like armour , zambiasi .... for th elife of me i still don't know we did not sign armour and then we turn around and spend 140,000 on keith on aposition that we already have 3 decent backs

Show us something OBIE ..

don't bring in guys liek zematis and jackson and siskowic not play them ..get them out there ....
we need to bring is osm guys like moreno that at least played a down or two in the nfl ..these guys youa re bringing in are guys that were just lucky to be in the nfl camps and they are first year pros

So are you telling us that you have (or had) an inside scoop on some outstanding O and D linemen available? You had/have access to some CFL experienced receivers?

Tom Canada was the best CFL free agent D lineman this spring, and you know he'd never sign with Hamilton.

Tony Miles was the best CFL free agent receiver from a shallow pool (Dominguez re-signed with Saskatchewan before the deadline), and we signed him.

Second guess some of Obie's actions if you want. Maybe it was a mistake to keep Taaffe. Maybe not. I think the Kenton Keith signing was a good one.

But if you think you would do a better job than Obie at discovering highly talented, unsigned players to add to our roster, please drop off your application at Scott Mitchell's office right away. I'm sure he's dying to hear from you. :roll:

Gerbear9 - There appears to be no sence of urgency - You are correct OBie has produced absolutely nothing. While were at what has Rambo done? The same NOTHING........... Big mistake to get rid of Mike Mc Carthy - who had more US football contacts than Rambo or Obie could ever dream of.

Right now have to agree obie has not done much


I was talking a couple of days ago to a former Blue team player from the 80's who played for Obie.
I asked him what Obie was like and he replied that he was very canny.
That's the way I have always read him.
Now....did he become stupid and "un"-canny all of a sudden when he got hired by the Caretaker?
I don't think so.
So...maybe there is a grand plan at work and we have not figured it out yet.
My guess is that the Caretaker gave him a couple of years to improve this team slowly and steadily. Obie has only been on the on the job for 9 months or so and had to fire Charlie along the way so he has a way to go yet.
I can't figure out the Moreno move at all but maybe Obie sees a different picture down the road than we do.
I wish some of these media guys would get to him and demand an explanation. You'd think Obie would want a chance to explain after all the TV commentators slagged him for the trade with Winnipeg.
But maybe canny guys don't worry about things like that. :wink:

Obie's job is not as simple as just picking up the phone
and making a 'cold call' to all the attractive NFL cuts

Obie is just as aware of them as all the serious fans are.

but if another CFL team has that player
on their negotiation list of 35 U.S. players

Obie can't call them,

It is the 'warm calls' that Obie is able to make to
so many of them that Obie such a fabulous resource.

He and Wally Bouno have built negotiation lists together

for the last 8 or 9 years in Calgary and B.C.

With so few spots on neg lists, those players
are darn good candidates for the CFL.

I am not talking of a computer data base
of every football player in the U.S.,

Rambo has that and that's also a valuable resource.

I am talking about players Obie has scouted

and who he's been COMMUNICATING WITH
often, for many years. And their agents.

He evaluated their progress over many years.

He has his own list of 35 players now,

and in effect, it includes all the players
that B.C. drops from their neg list.


Don't forget, it took him and Wally
a bit of time to get rolling in B.C.


Congratulations, mr62, a very good read on things

I can't figure out the Moreno move at all but maybe Obie sees a different picture

down the road than we do.

I wish some of these media guys would
get to him and demand an explanation.

You'd think Obie would want a chance to explain
after all the TV commentators slagged him

for the trade with Winnipeg.

But maybe canny guys don't worry
about things like that. :wink:

You should read my posts more carefully, mr62

I got this from media guys and the media

Re: Zeke

I spoke to Obie personally, and he said that, when he was a player
if his team had said that they didn't want him by trading him

he wouldn't have been interested in coming back to that team.

Zeke himself was quoted as saying that'..

'sombody wasn't fighting for me back there.' [in Hamilton]

Did he mean, DC Denny Creechan? Odds are in favour of that.

8) Odds are it was either Creehan or Obie himself !!!!

I get very angry at Obie when the team loses, so I've been angry at him for a while now. But after seeing him break down the club's incoming prospects (latest two Ticats TV clips), I am optimistic that, despite our record this year, the team will get better. I think there is a master plan in place that he is exectuting, and that he will make the necessary moves to make us a playoff team soon, and a great team shortly thereafter.

Players are paid to play football ron and zeke would have to swallow his pride and come back and play till a deal that BENEFITS THE TICATS can be made. Sorry taman showed the playbook before he made sure the player he was sending would report and was healthy. thats tamans fault. It shouldnt be obie who was painted as the guy who had to take something and couldnt back out of the deal. It was the bombers who couldnt deliver on the trade that was made and obie should have pulled the plug and brought zeke back and kept shopping. Its amazing how somehow zeke cant return cus of his feelings.......A-rod came back to the yankees after how many bridges were burned? sundin could sign and suit up for the leafs in a second and all would be well. A pro athlete has to go out and play his/her heart out on every play for the team that is paying them and the thought that zeke couldnt do it cus his feelings were hurt arent justified.
Taman didnt pull the wool over obies eyes but he got what he wanted and BRAGGED about getting moreno without giving up Canada. Somehow.........somehow...........Canada is able to return to the bombers and play(when healthy), what about his feelings? funny he is able to overcome it but not zeke.

The combine CFL executive experience of those posting in this thread?....ZERO!

Kind of makes me wonder if WPG actually knew of Canada's illness and quickly shoved a playbook in Moreno's face.. seems kind of quick to be studying plays already!!

They will do andything to justify that stupid trade. Anything !

So for better or worse, just what has changed since Zeke's departure?

winnipeg got better, ticats got worse.

I'll be glad to oblige.

With Zeke Moreno 2 wins 9 loss
Without Moreno 0 wins 2 loss

Really, in the eyes of most people, no matter what Obie has done to-date or from this point on, to the end of the season, it will always be the season of " THE TRADE". As such a rating of C+. He has all off-season to improve his marks and no doubt will.

you cant blame a new gm for the contractual obligations signed by the previous gm! So he hasnt done to bad in bringing imediat help , and he has positioned the team well for the future, ALL the Ticats need is what all teams need A strong oline and Dline!!!

Everybody has been, justifiably been knocking Obie about the Moreno trade, but what do you say we give him some props for picking up KK!! Obie knows whats going on. More than likely, we wont have Lumsden here next year. Our backfield will be solid without him, having Caulley and KK back there.

I believe Obie hasn`t lost his canniness and expect him to put this team back on solid ground by next year.

Let’s see what a difference a week makes in the evaluation of our GM.