Let's cut Julian Radlein Now

Let's face it the Ti cats have decided not to use Julian Radlein in there offence...so let's just dump his high Salary and cut him now...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

...as Sizzle slowly but surely builds his post count to 50 to achieve valuable contributer status. :wink:

Hey Sizzle.

Lets cut you. honestly enough. Its summertime theres pleanty of stuff to do. Dont waste space on the board for useless topics like this. If you & basically everyone that created a "cut this player" topic got there way then this week in winnipeg there starting lineup would involve stripes taking the snaps & they'd need pigskin pete to come out of retirement & start at the Corner.

Dump his high salary? Do you even know how much he makes compared to the league minimum? I don't know how much he makes do you? If not that that is a pretty dumb statement.

i say trade radlein to BC

it seems their QB's keep getting hurt maybe the need a blocker in their backfield

What happens when Dickerson is hurt ???

One thing i found funny about dickersons jersey is that the number zero on his chest makes it look like a big target, X marks the spot...lol

Cut him too! :wink:

WOW another cut a player thread

Not to upset anyone...but I would have cut him 2 years ago....along with most of the rest of the team..at that time.