Let's Cut Jo Jo Walker

It's time to cut Jo Jo walker 4 catches for 49 yrads this season..enough said...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

Here's an idea, perhaps you should start threads about who we SHOULDN'T cut. I'm sure there would be a lot less of them. :roll:

Sizzle just wants to cut enough players so that the whole team will fit in the Stoney Creek Attic.

We should keep Nick Setta...Thank God we cut Jamie Boreham...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic

LMAO!!! Is that all you got??

Walker is a backup.. where is the misunderstanding?

I bet if you look at all the backup rec. stats he is one of the top. Plus he scored a TD last week.

Seriously.. you have no clue.

The Hamilton Spectator should do another write up on which Ti Cats should be cut..Jo Jo Walker would be on top of that list..Everyone is invited to the Stoney Creek Attic for Tonights Game...Go Cats Go...

The Ti Cats have more needs to fill than having a back up Import at slot...

I'm pretty sure the ratio isn't a problem for us at this point, Coach.

wow take it easy boreham...No need to be sarcastic...Come join us to cheer on The Cats at the Stoney Creek Attic Tonight...

1 thread, 4 replies from the author, 4 shameless plugs for some bar. Textbook example of trolling.

I'll buy you a beer Glovesave...I'll be wearing my Danny Mac Jersey...The boys of The Stoney Creek Attic...

How about we cut the q.b who's not getting him the ball.

And we should bring back Carl Ford.

Come on...you Ti Cats fans are disillusioned...The blame goes on the players...coaches and Management...blaming the refs is easy...

From what I saw of him in practice and what he did in the first exibition game I was somewhat surprised he got cut.

He reminded me a bit like Tony Miles, slick, good hands. I'm not sure why he got released. I know he was brought in late, but, he had what I though was a good exibition game and several good practices that I saw and gonzo.....

I think he could have made this team.

Point of Order "Sizzle"....

I grew up in the Village of Stoney Creek and was there the first day the Attic opened and pretty much grew up on Attic Pizzas....your opinions are your own of course and you have a right to them but please quit signing off as "The Boys from The Stoney Creek Attic"......you don't speak for me and I'm one of the "Original Boys"....

.....not pissed though so don't get me wrong.....just saying is all....thanks



You wanna cut Jesus? Man you're heartless.


Its Stox JR. I knew there was a couple around here. Lets cut the negativity! If you honestly think Jo Jo should be cut you should stay in the Attic and maybe rethink your whole football watching career and lay off the brews.

8) Why ?? To hear more intelligent, stimulating comments from you during the game ??? Thanks, but no thanks !!!!!!! :wink: