Lets concentrate on winning the last 8 minutes next Friday

Don't know if anyone else noticed but we gave up the lead at the 746 mark last week, and the 736 mark this week. (of the fourth quarter)

What can we do to avoid "spitting in the stretch"
(.....like a racehorse)

Um, this is a rather weird idea you're proposing. We could win the last 8 minutes but still lose the game. For example, let's say we're way behind, 50-0. We could score 7 in the last 8 minutes, and not give up any points, but we'd still lose 50-7.

So let's concentrate on winning the first 60 minutes.

Give the team hope that it can win. We don't have that right now. How can that be done? Run plays that try to score instead of protecting the ball with conservative playcalling would be a start. Show some confidence in the offence's ability to strike deep and fast. You may need a different QB to do that but you have to try

You know - it really DOES look like the team played 52 minutes of football, NOT 60 minutes. Did the players run out of gas? If so, I hope that Coach Taaffe's "conditioning programme" will take care of that...