Let's bring the noise this sunday

For you fans that are going to the game this Sunday, let’s show the CFL and the Ticats that we are the best and loudest fans. Please bring noisemakers to the game like large cow bells or those long CFL horns. If you don’t have one then go buy one or borrow one. If we can make communication difficult for the BC offence then we are giving the ticats defence the edge . Great deal of noise often causes snap counts to be mixed up and can cause time count violation penalties as well as having to call time outs to get the play right. It also makes it impossible for the qb to change the play on the fly which is called an audible. Overall , the noise irritates their offence and can cause players not to hear the play call correctly .When the Ticats go to Sask or WPG it is so loud that the cats have to practice with loud sound on speakers to mimic the fan noise. I often see broken plays and frustration on the ticats offence when they play in the loud stadium
Let’s make this a hostile place for BC and help to intimidate and frustrate them when they are on offence by blowing the lid off the stadiium and show our Tiger Town pride and that it is tough to beat us in our house …the Hammer.

I kinda don’t trust this crowd to make noise properly…

the only time they really got to their feet Saturday was before and during the snap on the attempted game winning FG… think we froze our own kicker?

Only thing that makes a ripple is the kiss-cam and free beer.

C’mon over to section 111 and see some roar! We will be bringing it!

Sadly I book my vacay on the basis the eastern final will be at THF. I wll proudly be wearing my TC gear on the flight and bringing the noise from Vegas. I have watched games from there in the past…is this an ESPN game? Up against the NFL it may be a tough find. Oski wee wee

Been like that forever. Need cues on the screen to tell people when to STFU.

Yes indeed! Doing the wave or cheering when we have the ball, makes absolutely no sense . The place should be library quiet when we have the ball and bedlam when the evil-doers have it . Big screen reminders are definitely in order .

Fans can be taught . It’s like the old joke about the moose and the circus trainer . Before he taught the animal a new trick in rehearsal, he would take a chunk of lumber and whack him right between the antlers . After several flawless performances before large crowds, an impressedobserver asked the trainer a question . Why is it that you whack the moose before you teach him a new trick ? The trainer replied “Well first you have to get his attention.” * No animals were hurt in the retelling of this silly joke.

Pat Lynch (the old guy who respects Mooseheads)

Exactly. Simple rule: Prolonged, disruptive noise before the play on defence, appreciative but brief noise after the play on offence.

noise we want more noise