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Well, a bunch of poster's loved this topic in January, April, May....etc. But now it is for real. After the final cuts(none THAT traumatizing) where do you think you team will finish? Let Moses start...seeing as though he IS the Soothsayer...


  1. BC Lions -- Continuity....it works when you don't make a tonne of changes. They're loaded, and they have the best coach in the CFL. Casey who? DD will lead them and until the Esks dethrone them, they're the team to beat. 14-4
  2. Edmonton -- Can you buy MORE talent? These guys are just as loaded but when you make as many changes as they have, you're gonna need some time for the fellas to make friends and get on the same page.12-6
    3.Saskatchewan-- These guys are raher loaded as well but the question here lies with Nealon Greene. And can Danny Barrett coach? You cannot say "yes" and you cannot say "no". 9-9
  3. Calgary--Huge improvements. BUT...they're still a bad team. Great fans will demand they improve...and they will. But can this team deliver? I'd say only part-time...7-11.
    5.Winnipeg--"Who's throwing today...?" Still skilled group at catching but man, can anyone play D?

Montreal--Lets face it, if Calvillo didn't go down in that game, the ALs woulda been playing in the GC game. They're good. They're ALWAYS good! Now they they've got TV to replace Copeland and they've taken a page outta the Esks' playbook by "acquiring" talent. BTW, is there a better owner(all-time) than Wettenhall?12-6
Toronto--What did I say about continuity? Best D with a physically suspect Damon Allen. Did I say "best D"? How about a pretty decent "O"? Maybe the most well ballanced team in the league.11-7
Hamilton--Most overrated team heading into this campaign. They've added some great talent(Brazzell), but man, they've created some holes. That defense is seriously suspect. If you try and sugar-coat those losses by announcing the addition of James Cotton...you, my friend are in serious trouble. 8-10
Ottawa--Most UNDERRATED team in the CFL. Solid on offense but suspect on D. Their ownershit problems haven't helped either. Lets hope the Glieberguys can rescue something they once demolished.

There you have it...finally a prediction thread done just before the season and not in February. Good luck to all and let's all have a killer CFL season, shall we?


Sorry but the ARGOS were winning the EAST FINAL , BEFORE A.C. went down...........and the ARGOS also beat B.C. , as well.

This post has been done.

Even when the Argos are complimented you're still jaded, hey?

just convident!


I made my predictions on an earlier post, but I’ll restate them anyway.


  1. Toronto - Best team last year, same team is returning. Should have a better offensive season if Allen stays healthy.
  2. Montreal - Always a solid team, well coached. Lost a couple big players, but their system works.
  3. Ottawa - This is more of an instinctive prediction. I think they will be improved from last year, assing Cutolo helps. It’s all about whether their D can hold up.
  4. Hamilton- Should be better than Ottawa, but I think their D will be terrible, and their QB situation is no good. Solid running game though.


  1. BC - Close to winning the Cup last year, returning with an improved defence and an already stellar offence. The Cup is in Vancouver this year, and the team will be pumped to win at home.
  2. Edmonton - Ricky Ray will make up for their lack of running game.
  3. Calgary - They already had a solid defence last year, and obviously adding Copeland and Burris will jumpstart the offence. Although I think Burris is being overpaid. The fans will be into this season too.
  4. Saskatchewan - Great running game and defence. Don’t know about Nealon Greene though. I think they’ll get into the playoffs as a crossover.
  5. Winnipeg - Look to be an improved team, but the west is just tough.

Looking forward to a gerat season.

sorry , another type O ,

I should have written VERY CONFIDENT. :wink:

Alrighty…lets have a go.


  1. BC - This team is an offensive juggernaut. Their defense was suspect at times last year, but judging by their release list it appears that they have the talent to vindicate cutting and trading one or two decent players off the D, suggesting they’ve filled the one or two holes they needed to fill. This team should be just as strong if not stronger this time around. However, could there be a black cloud hanging over Vancouver in lieu of the Printers/Dickenson controversy?
  2. Edmonton - A rare mediocre season for the Esks last year will not be tolerated by Hugh Campbell or any other Eskimo big wigs for back to back years. They made some key acquisitions and should be back in business. If there’s any doubts surrounding this team, it’s in the backfield.
  3. Saskatchewan - Good core of guys returning. Fans shouldn’t be fooled by these notoriously slow starters. They always get their game face on in the second half of the season. Of course, the big question mark surrounding this group, can Nealon lead them to victory, and can he keep Rider Priders happy?
  4. Winnipeg - You didn’t think I could rank the Bombers last could you? I predict a slow start from this bunch with a push for a play-off spot late in the season. Lots of question marks surrounding the Blue Bombers. It appears this is a team that could either really come together after a couple weeks, or completely come undone.
  5. Calgary - Many have been fooled by the acquistions of Burris, Copeland and Higgins as head man. All key acquistions for this abysmal football team, but can they carry them back to a level of respectability in just one season? They will undoubtedly improve with Higgins as head coach, and Burris with Copeland and Nick Lewis gives their offense instant credibility, but will it be enough? Many have also forgotten that six starters from Calgary’s D have gone to Winnipeg (Wes Lysack, William Fields, Willie Fells, Joe Fleming, Antwone Young and Omar Evans).


  1. Toronto - Solid defense, underrated offense, excellent special teams. This is a good football team. The only reason I have them ahead of Montreal though, is because Bishop is a better and more proven QB than Ted White, and I predict that both Allen and Calvillo will get hurt at some point this season. Bishop will be able to carry his offense with far more proficiency than Ted White.
  2. Montreal - These guys are solid all round, but as I’ve mentioned above, when Calvillo goes down, these guys are in trouble, and I foresee this team battling through some adversity at some point in the season because of it. Regardless, this is a good football team and they will challenge for the GC.
  3. Ottawa - As Moses already stated, the most underrated team in the league bar none. As long as these guys aren’t stricken with an uncompromising case of the injury bug this year like they were last year, these guys should be able to lock horns with the big boys and turn some heads.
  4. Hamilton - A good team with a good coach. Definitely some question marks though. Is Danny Mac going to be able to rally the troops? Will Marcus Brady and Ben Sankey be able to step in and do the job in his stead if he doesn’t? Brady showed a lot of promise in TO, but since his transfer he’s done very little to impress the Ti-Cat brass. Another aging QB in the east in Danny Mac, if he goes down, who knows where this team will go.

Well, that’s it, that’s all. Best of luck to fans and teams. GO BLUE!!

[quote="hellothere"]Sorry but the ARGOS were winning the EAST FINAL , BEFORE A.C. went down...........and the ARGOS also beat B.C. , as well.

The score was 9-8
They hardly has it wrapped up

True , but by beating B.C. in the GREY CUP , they proved that beating MONTREAL was no flute and sports do not count …what if , or buts or maybes ?

Injuries are part of football , and if you don’t have a good back up Q.B. , this is what happens.And that could be Montreal’s problem this year, as well.

The ARGOS could of won the EAST FINAL last in 2003 if the REF didn’t blow a call at the end. BUT , blown calls are also part of football. :smiley:

Eski-Moses, I agree completely with your ranking. However, I know things can often surprise us, so I’d be tempted (just tempted !) to rank Ottawa above Hamilton.

For some reasons, I believe Hamilton success last year was mostly based on Greg Marshall being able to capitalize on the players’ need (not desire… NEED) to erase the previous year’s humiliating fiasco. I don’t think they are a bad team, but there are a few holes in it and I could see Ottawa being even more hungry.

My only prediction will be this one: I am pretty certain that this will be a year to remember with the thightest races possible in both divisions. If it is so, the last two weeks of the reg season will become a delicious drama.

good call :wink: :smiley:

3 cheers for cut and paste.....

(1) BC 13-5 (Depending on injuries could be #2)
(2) Edmonton 12-6 (Depending on injuries could be #1)
(3) Calgary 9-9 (Like what I saw in ex., good off season signings)
(4) Sask 8-10 (Needs a better QB, Will make cross over)
(5) Winn 6-12 (Jim Daley deserves better.....!)

(1) Montreal 12-6 (Cavillo MUST stay healthy or Als could be in trouble)
(2) Toronto 9-9 (Age will be catching up to Damon, Good defense)
(3) Hamilton 6-12 (Speaking of Age, Time For Danny Mac to retire.)
(4) Ottawa 6-12 (Will the Gliebermans 3 ring circus steal the show?)

Toronto Is A Better Team Then Montreal Although With The Weakest O-Line, Horrible Running Game, Last Years Worst Run Defence , And An Ageing Allen At QB Don't Expect Them To Finish Ahead Of Montreal.

Calgary Has A Pretty Good Defence And A Beefed Up Offence From Last Year, And I Wouldn't Be Surprised If They Add Some Talent Mid Season, Expect Them To Be The Cross Over Team If Not In Third. Winnipeg Will Be In Last In The West Along With Hamilton And Ottawa To Not Make The Playoffs (Who Cares Which Team Finishes Ahead Of The Other)

–You’re right, Stampeders fans may have higher expectations than we should going into this season. They will be improved, but if they missed the playoffs I wouldn’t be totally shocked. But I think you’re being a little too kind to your boys. I think Edmonton, Calgary and Sask will fight it out for second, and Winnipeg will be pulling up the rear. You have two nice backup QB’s in Winnipeg. But no starters. Yeah and what is with the aquisition of Antwone Young?? Didn’t he fail Calgary’s physical? Are the Bombers throwing an injured man out there? I dont get it.

This should start a new argument but I truly dont think that they blew that call. Even watching it a zilion times in super slow motion I think the ball crossed the plain before the fumble. Also
as much as I hate to the the Ref's side regardless of how they ruled I would not call that situtation a blown call, they happen way to fast and are difficult to see.

I recomend we meaged this topic with "Predictions".

It was petty close , but I have always written , that is part of football …so for me the ARGOS , lost. MONTREAL , beat them that year, and Montreal where the best team that year.

REFS calls , don’t lose football games , teams do.

If the ARGOS had 3 more T.D.'S, it would have not been an issue. BUT they did not.

No arguement here , on this one. :smiley:

Stampers, in regards to Antwone Young, you're right. He failed Calgary's physical and was released in turn. The Bombers (who are always looking for cheap labour and damaged goods because of our pointless salary cap grumble grumble...) snatched him up and the team doctors approved him healthy enough to play. He's also listed as one of our starting defensive linemen, along with Joe Fleming, Doug Brown and Tom Canada. From what I understand he made quite an impact with the Stamps last year prior to his injury. Lets hope he's shaken it off, for my sake...

All I can say is that I'm glad the game is played on the field and not in this forum.

First of all, people are giving Hamilton's defence too little credit. Everyone thinks that the loss of Montford and Cheatwood is going to mean the defence will be "terrible"...but that's just stupid. For one thing, Cheatwood will likely be back by Labour Day at the latest. And it was the improved secondary in the latter half of the season that allowed Montford and Cheatwood to get the sacks they got; and that entire secondary has returned.

I figure the Cats may finish third, but will not be far behind the second-place Argos. They may even finish in second place, but I would be a bit surprised.

A lot of people in the media, etc. are picking the Argos like a Grey Cup ring is a free pass to the big game. Don't forget that those same Argo players had the worst offence in the league last year, and made absolutely no improvements to that squad in the off-season. (Based on the season, and even their offensive performance in the playoffs, Kent Austin should have been fired; but one good game saved his ass.) Their defence will carry them again, and their special teams may light things up again, though I don't think they'll be as good as last year.

And yes, Hamilton will make the playoffs. Last year they were better than all but one western team; this year they will be better than all but two: B.C. and Edmonton. Calgary will finish third, followed by Saskatchewan and then Winnipeg, who will both miss the playoffs.

Ottawa will be improved, and in a best-case scenario may even be about as good as Calgary; but they won't be BETTER than the Stamps, so they won't take their playoff spot.