Lets be Professional!

I had to move my post to it's own because the site moderator would not allow me to post this in one of the categories.

I've read many of the posts here recently with regards to stadium delays and how do people get off by name calling or calling other fans Jerks or names, I wonder if the Moderator or who ever is policing this site takes notice of this?

It's obvious fans are mad at the situation including myself but lets all be civil on this site to one another and respect each person opinion it's pretty obvious that many fans are upset they and we all have a vested interest in our team as season ticket holders, game day attendees and fans of the Tiger-Cats so lets be a little more professional to each other, don't get mad at fellow Tiger-Cat fans get mad at Argo fans and players when it counts!!


Sadly, childish, personal attacks have been allowed here for years now. :thdn:

Captainkirk, I know it's difficult on fans who bought into the idea of watching our team in the new Tim Horton's Field we all have, we travelled to Guelph last year to watch the Cats and had a great time and I understand a lot has happened today by the announcement of not being ready and really not sure yet of when or a date maybe sometime in August or by Labor Day whenever it is, lets be level headed as fans, it's unfortunate we can't change that, we can only move forward from this point, so lets do so as fans and as a team, Tiger-Cat Pride has been together a lot longer than the recent delays and fiascos, like Bob Young says 100 years plus and counting in the CFL, just another hump to get over?

I think it's really important right now for everyone to take a deep breath and get some perspective.

The stadium will open, our Cats will play in it and the world will keep turning.

It sucks that it will be late but getting all worked up about it won't help anyone or anything.

Childish behaviour isn't just about comments about a person with what they've said,it's also about how some people can put down THF and not even have put a foot in the building. Reeks of childish behaviour. Tit for tat and yes, both are childish behaviours, that I'll agree with. But that's the way it goes.

just because Captain Kirk expressed dissatisfaction with the new stadium revelations does not justify calling him a "low class jerk".

There is no reason to resort to name calling as such ad hominem attacks are not only juvenile, yet also run afoul of forum rules and guidelines.

You are a good guy Earl.. quirky yes, but a good guy nonetheless :wink: and are much better than this.

keep it clean my friend. :thup:

Fair enough tangle. I will admit Captain rubs me the wrong way often, and that is really my problem and not his. Apologies Captain, once again. :? Eventually I'm sure you'll get me banned from this site, but that will be my own doing and my own dumb fault really should that happen.

Hypocrite .