Let's Be Honest

I'm curious to know...

Als fans only...

Do you think we can win the Grey Cup this year?


I'm a little woried cause BC and Edmonton in the West are too freakin strong

And even getting there will be tough with Toronto playing superb football with a 42 year old QB at the top of his game.

I think we aren't even going to the big game... but of course I hope we do!!!

Then again... maybe it's cause I'm used to seeing the East final in Mtl and I'm just bitter! So I'll be in Havana for the East final this year so I can go watch the East Semi (yeah :frowning: ) and I won't be able to watch... unless I can find a place that has the game... that'll be a tough one!

So what do you guys REALLY think, can we beat Toronto? then Edmonton or BC? With our Defence this year? With our stuborn coach?

No offence MartyMix, but I really think you should be worried about the Riders in the semis before you worry whether you can beat Toronto or The West winner.

That Being said I think you guys have the best team of the three in the Eastern playoffs. And I think you could beat Edmonton and/or BC on any given day.

I don't think you guys should worry about the Riders. I have a feeling you'll beat them but get knocked out by the argonauts at the rogers centre.

I think that we're going to take it. B.C. peeked too early, Edmonton is good, but if we run the same Defense we ran against Ottawa will take it. Speed kills and we are finally puting quick pass rushers in the game. Any o-lineman knows that they would rather face a big slow d-line than a fast and agile one.

Like i stated earlier in the season Al's will take it riding the back or legs of Robert Edwards. Send him off on into the sunset.(NFL tryout or retirement)

What worries me MartyMix is that shall we win the Cup this season, people would probably call it a fluke because these Als were not as good as any other edition in the past four years.

Anyways, I’d say we still have good chances to win it because the favourite team hardly ever wins it. Last year, the 14-4 Montreal squad was supposed to roll over everyone. Hell we did not even last one game. Toronto’s offense had been laughed at all year long and still, they made it.

In both 2000 and 2001, the Cup was won by a third place team. You just never know Marty… I have faith. But you should take Billy’s advice and focus first on the Riders. Don’t you remember the 38-34 game we played against them about a month ago? That game came to who had possession in last. The Riders - though troubled by what’s happening now - are a treatening ennemy.

I also keep the faith....our "D" steped up a couple of times this year...we never know...

Playoff time is another ballgame !

Al's all the WAY !

I think we got a pretty good chance even against toronto. We beat them once at skydome albeit allen didnt play the whole game but our defence played well enough to limit his production. I think going in as the underdog will really help

In a one game playoff system anyone can win

The Als could win it.

But my heart tells me they won't. Not with the terrible defence we have right now. Defence wins championships and ours can't seem to stop anyone from doing anything.

Unless we all of a sudden develop a pass rush and our linebackers remember how to tackle, I doubt we'll even make it past Saskatchewan. It pains me to say it, because I'm a diehard Als fan, but I have to look at reality, not my hopes as a fan.

I think both B.C. and Edomton have looked weak lately, i think calgary will make it to the grey cup, as for the east, i have not a clue, i think if the riders beat montreal then they will have no trouble against toronto cause we'll just run down tortonto's throats unless marcel will start being a dickhead again and not use szarka or not use the sutff that works. All of our games lie in the hands of Marcel. :lol:

Go AL's Go! Bye bye Saskatchewan.

After Edwards blew out his knee,and the NFL losing interest in him.....He OWES his Football LIFE now to the Al's...He should finish his career in the CFL because this game is suited to his running abilities.

To answer the question at hand, the Grey Cup is still a ways away. Can they make it to the big game? Sure! they have a good chance of beating Toronto. (who’s not quite as good as people make them out to be)

But…to win the cup?? after an inconsistent regular season, they REALLY need to tighten up the ship and play more to win.

4 recievers over 1,000 yards. Calvillo over 5,000 yards and of course…Edwards, they really should have done better then a 10-8 season

Sask. is out of the way....it is now time to sink the boatmen!!!!!!!

GO ALOUETTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude. No one ever blamed the offense for our losses this season. The offensive stats your pointing at are not related to how many points we've allowed.

I was quite pleased yesterday to see our DBs work this good. They're the ones who shut down Saskatchewan yesterday. Witnessing that came as a relief.

I think the biggest challenge for the Als will be against Toronto. Montreal cannot afford one more breakdown in the secondary. Take a page from the Toronto defence - bend don’t break. Montreal’s offence can win if the defence is consistent.


Go Als.