Let's be honest...


the CFL standings should be updated to at least show this...

Definitely in, and has first round bye (y): Montreal

In the playoffs, but not clear yeah where they will end up (x): Saskatchewan, Calgary

In the hunt for a playoff spot (no marking): BC, Edmonton, Hamilton, Winnipeg

out of the playoffs for good (z): Toronto

just my 2 cents.

because Saskatchewan and Calgary haven't clinched YET! do the math!

Meh, that's just a technicality. Quit being so contrarian.

CGY SK are in,I know cflthebest has bet a tie game between Ham vs WPG and for WPG to sweep the Als in their back to back games against each other. Hope Vegas can pay off the bet ?
The CGY SK tie was a huge point for each team. Especially CGY, they have 3 tough games in a row and finish their last two games on the road in SK and BC. Cgy could slip to 3rd quite easily if they don't get things staightened out.

The point is that Sask and Calgary are not for sure in, there is still possibility that one may not make it, so it would be wrong to pput they have for sure. Not that i think there will be a tie, but it could happen

That's why they gotta play the games.

Yeah, the guy's talking about stating which teams have technically clinched what and everyone jumps on cflisthebest because he rightfully points out that Calgary and Sask haven't technically clinched anything. He's not 'betting' on a tie between Hamilton and Winnipeg, he's just saying it could happen.

There is no way that WPG will beat MTL back to back , then get a ot tie. There is no point for a OT loss. Has to end in a tie. They happen once every 2 years, not happening! Then Hamilton has to win their 2 games, Toronto should be a easy win, but SK will be tough.Also SK or CGY would need to lose their last three games of the year as well. If your a fan of either team, you will see playoff football !

The point you seem to be missing is that it is not clinched yet mathematically and that's what we're saying. Of course the Riders and Calgary will almost assuredly make the playoffs, but to put an official marker next to their names confirming that they are mathematically in the playoffs is incorrect.

And they were planning the world series parade route when the yanks were up 3 games to zip on Boston. We all know what happened there. It is unlikely that the stamps or riders miss the post season, but as of right now the possibility is still there.



For Saskatchewan and Calgary: alright, fair enough, I stand corrected. Although IMHO there is no way either of them can miss out on the playoffs now. Even if one of them falls to fourth place, their record would still be enough to CO to the East.

But Toronto is out, they are finished, done. Seems everyone knows that except the standing board. I don’t know if they do a z for teams that are out, but I wish they would, and make it official.

Winnipeg right now is in the most danger of joining the Argos, they really needed a win this past week. I do hope their last game against the Cats turns into a fight to the death.

In any case, it’s just my opinion.

I guess you didn't realize the Yankees and Red Sox were not playing in the World series , but the American League championship. So no parade route would have been planned. Their not Leaf fans !