Let's be grateful and proud!

As a long time Ticat fan, season ticket holder and proud Hamiltonian (although I now live in Cambridge but still consider Hamilton my home), I was reflecting on the 1 and 6 start and realized how fortunate and grateful WE all should be. We have the best owner in the league as well as (although I have never met him) he seems to be a really great guy. Without him, would Hamilton even be in the CFL? I see the franchise starting to build not only a contender for this year but for years to come, thanks to Kent Austin (we are lucky to have him). We are fortunate to have a new stadium (who cares if it is late, at least we are getting one) in a location that works for everyone and in an area of the city (which I grew up in) in need of development. We have 2 very good QB’s and a 3rd that is very close, I disagree with those who feel Masoli has no arm. When else in Ticat history have we had 3 QB’s of this quality? Although we are 1 and 6, we have competed in almost every game and our players have a “never give up? attitude like I have never seen before. We could easily be 5 and 2 or even 6 and 1. We also need to be proud that this franchise has won 15 championships and I see us winning again soon, provided we stay the course and build on the youth that we have and allow them to develop. We need to stop hitting the reset button and build on what we have now.

This is my list, what else do you think we should be grateful for?

Well Said.

Hopefully the Tiger-Cats will turn over a new leaf following Labour Day with a Win against the Argo's, A new Stadium, A New Home for the team and new beginning to great new memories for all us Fans!


I don't think anyone feels Masoli doesn't have an arm. He probably has the strongest arm on the team.
He just doesn't always use it to throw the ball to the right place.

:thup: :thup:

I agree Chewey. I've long ago resigned myself to the fact that I'm a Ti-cat fan to the core and nothing will ever change that. Like all unchangeable things in life the sooner you learn to live with it the sooner you can enjoy and have fun.

Definitely has a strong arm.

He should try out for rb or fb lol

I couldn’t agree more. Very well said.

A season ticket holder since 1992 and a fan for 50 plus years. Two seasons tickets since 2008. I have numerous game jerseys and game helmets and other fan memorabilia, however this movie is getting stale. I expect much more for my money considering I live out of town and travel to all home games. In short, I have had enough of this bs...................................

Really what can we do? Turning my back on the team isn't an option so might as well roll with the punches and show the rest of the league and the team we're black and gold through thick and thin!

I am grateful that we have a bye week and,
MTL will get wiped out in WPG
Arblows will get destroyed in EDM
and CGY will clobber OTT

I am also grateful that after next weekend,
We will be in 2nd in the East with 2 gms in hand on the Arblows and 1 gm in hand on both MTL and OTT

Very nicely said…Cheers!!

Or in the case of this season…Thin or Thinner ! :cry:

We should be grateful for CHML 900’s Fifth Quarter, these forums, and even Twitter, to allow us to vent after each loss no matter how well we played.
And we should be grateful for the length of the CFL season. It was only three years ago the Lions started 0-5 and ended up winning the Grey Cup. I’m expecting a similar ending to this season for the Ticats. :wink:

Wildcat, you are a fantastic fan and are an example of another reason for me to be proud to be a fan of this team. As mentioned, I live out of town as well. I go to the games with a group of guys but bring the family (wife plus 3 kids) to at lease 1 game per year. I think we all understand your frustration but with the current management I see us starting to fill this glass and see us contending for a good 10 year period. Get ready! :thup: :thup:

You said it Chewie.

I’m also grateful that Episode VII is around the corner. :wink:

Now,if we can only get these guys to play on the O-Line,I think we’d all be grateful :smiley: :thup: :lol: :roll: :thup: :wink: :cowboy: :thup:

The heck with the O-line - how about the starting front DL and LBs?

Grateful and proud? Really? Sure you're not Leaf fans?

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm grateful that our signature jersey cannot possibly be uglier then Winnipeg's