Lets appreciate the local boys

Not sure if I have all the facts correct, but I am thinking of4 local BC boys that grew up here, played their whole CFL career for the lions, made an impact, then retired and stayed local contributing to society.

Bret Anderson, Jamie Taras, Al Wilson, and Lui Passaglia.

Anyone else for the Lions, or any other team?

Lots of local boys played for the Riders- Ron Atchison, Bob Poley, Roger Aldag, Chris Getzlaf, and Gene Makowsky are a few that come to mind.

The only Hamilton boy I can think of is Bob Krouse.

First one I thought of was Jason Clermont playing for Saskatchewan. I guess Andy Fantuz would be fairly local for Hamilton. Though he wasn't as celebrated as those two, Cochrane's Rob Cote had an excellent career for the Stamps.

There has been a lot more than just Krouse if we are talking about Hamilton boys and others from the surrounding regions who have played for the Cats over the years . Grant it most of them didn't play their entire career in the Hammer like Krouse did but for the most part they all played at the very least a minimum of 3 to 4 yrs on avg or longer wearing the Black 'n' Gold .

From memory here is a partial list of 21 who come to mind . Feel free to add anyone else that I might've overlooked :

Bob Krouse
Rob Hitchcock
Mike Morreale
Trevor Shaw
Jack Blair
Corey Grant
Mike Philbrick
Lee Knight
Marv Allemang
Jarrett Smith
Ed Chalupka
Frank Cosentino
John Michaluk
John Priestner
Henry Waszczuk
Cam Fraser
Justin Vaughan (current)
Kevin Malcolm (current)
Mike Filer (current)
Ryan Bomben (current)
Mercer Timmis (current)

Remember Frank Cosentino one off my favorites.

I'm pretty sureHenry Waszczuk is not a "Hamilton boy"
But that's just nitpicking your list there

This is incorrect about Jamie Taras. He went to Western and grew up in Ontario. While he played his entire career in orange and black, and now lives here on the Lower Mainland as he spearheads the club's community initiatives, he is not from B.C.

Ooops , wrong centre . Although Waszczuk did teach high school in Hamilton for 10 years , he was in fact born in England and came over the pond when he was 2 years of age and was brought up in Oshawa . The centre that should be on this list is Dale Sanderson who was born in Hamilton and is 100% a "Hamilton Boy" . Ironically it was Sanderson who replaced Waszczuk as the Cats centre in "85" when Henry retired after the "84" season ending a 10 year career all spent as a Cat . Thanks for the correction . I've updated the list and added Sanderson on to it . I'm sure there are probably others that I've missed .

Not sure if Ed Gataveckas counts, since he's from Toronto, but he spent his whole career with the Cats as well, I believe.

Jock Climie.

thanks for the correction.