lets all take a deep breath

we can still do this.

we will run the table and the east is ours. remember the MTL game when we thought the sky was falling? then peeled of 4 straight.

we are the beast in the east.

deep breathe in....exhale slowly

Totally agree, this loss should make the team hungrier for the
final 4 games, we couldn't expect to win out. Now, I believe we could.
6 more wins! :rockin:

It doesn't matter, even if we make it to the Grey Cup again well get trounced with no ground game.

I'm not worried......

We win the next two games and we'll win the east having the tiebreaker over the blows......

We will be a better team after tonight for learning from our mistakes!!


Cant wait for the next game vs Argos. Ticat nation will be out in full force.

noone likes to lose but..... i beleive this was needed yes we won for straight but everyone needs a lil dose of reality to let them know there not invinciable. I hope this lets us lay the ground work for a solid finish and focus at the task at hand

The problem is this team doesn't LEARN from their MISTAKES !! UNDISCIPLINED :x SAME OLD STOREY MR. AUSTIN AND PLAYERS :x


No, seriously,
We have a great football team.
Collaros is just freaking flat out fantastic, combined with some terrific Defence and terrific Special teams play,
this team can beat anybody.
We were handily winning for 3.5 quarters and lost that game in the last 8 minutes.
It was a big game, an important game, and the way we lost hurts, but this team is capable of running the table,
Right through to the Championship!

Agreed. Another learning moment for a young team.

I was thinking they would finish the season at 3 -2, beat the ARgos twice and Montreal. Now my prediction is 2 - 3, they will finish 8 - 10

Couldn't agree more. For a bunch of young guys playing together for the first time this year, they've come a long way in just this part season. They have an incredible future if they stay together IMO. If they could get to the GC this year it'd be a fantastic accomplishment.

Gee, we lose by one point to a fantastic team and everyone is freaking out. If the past month should teach us anything is that Hamilton and Toronto are the two best teams in the CFL as of right now. Yeah, that's right, better than Calgary, better than Edmonton.

So lets do as the thread title suggests...

It's more that the tabbies had a 13 point lead with about 2.5 minutes to go, and had blown other chances earlier on to put the game out of reach.

They choked. That's what happens to inexperienced teams. They made lots of mistakes.

We lost a game that we went into the 4th quarter leading 30-13. There are so many mistakes by players and coaches it is beyond belief. A few rants, PREVENT DEFENSE DOES NOT WORK!!!!! Same in hockey they do not work!!! If you are kicking the crap out of a team for three freekin quarters then change then you need your damn head examined. If you lose the game because you played all out and just got beat is one thing but giving up your QB rush and leaving the other teams best player virtually uncoverd then you need a good kick in the ass! When I say prevent defense I see the same thing in the NFL and most times it does not work!

Hot dogging keep the SOB out of the next game or get rid of him. That is probably why Millanovich got rid of the clown. You are either a team player or selfish self centred ass.

I have noticed in the NFL most teams take players out that get a stupid penalty for a couple of plays. We should be doing the same thing. I understand the heat of the moment but you are professionals and stupid penalties like repeat offenders Lawrence and Breaux have committed before need addressing. Even if it means sitting out a game or two. If you are not playing for the team then damn it we do not need you!!!!

CFL referees this year are probably the worst I have ever seen. I am beginning to think these guys are doing it on purpose to prove something to the league. We pay good money to watch FOOTBALL not referees playing flag games. This has got to stop and should syop now! I saw some of the penalties and they were deserved but a couple had no bearing on the game including the illegal block in the second quarter on the TO player. The Hamilton player I forget who it was would never have made the catch the ball was thrown out of bounds. PICK UP THE DAMN FLAG and write it off!!

I still do not feel any better I want to kick some ass, I just hope the coaches do that this week in practice!

Agreed our young team is learning and improving but they have to get the RUN GAME going and STOP the stupid undisciplined penalties and then we will see the real tiger-cat team that has been in the works this season :thup:

It happens, have to move on. Really in my opinion, the difference that game was the 13th man. There might not have been as many Argo fans decked out in double blue that game, but they did outnumber the Hamilton fans and in the 4th quarter they did step it up. Hopefully this brings out Tiger-town in true force for the 25th.

That one bad reffing non-call ticked me off. The Argos are on 3rd down, special teams is on the field, the ball is down, there's no reason not to whistle the play in, and the refs just let the Argos take time to swap in the offense and don't blow the whistle until they are in the huddle.

I kinda feel bad for Ottawa now, since all of that anger is going to come out next Friday.

Sorry Hammer, but the Argos had called a timeout during that sequence of events.

The two calls on Breaux annoyed me. The first one, UR, was him starting the tackle at full speed IN BOUNDS and not being able to stop his motion at the sideline. Kinda looked borderline to me. The second was the illegal participation. There was a LOT of wrestling between him and the WR all the way downfield. It got to the point where they pulled/pushed each other OOB, yet only Breaux was flagged. Too bad that was not reviewable.

He is probably the best cover guy in the league, and a pretty physical player to boot. He has taken a few selfish penalties in the past. but I liken that to a hockey player like Chara starting a playoff series by throwing a devastating body-check.

I’m being selfish here by hoping he doesn’t get any NFL looks this offseason… lol

First one was completely fair to call. There wasnt a need to throw him down 3 feet out of bounds. The second i cant comment on i dont know the particular rule for that call.

While watching this game and the penalties all i could think about was Hage's comments in the last game vs arhols. Some thing along the lines of the cats werent fighting enough.

Hey, you blow a lead like that, you learn from the experience and hopefully get stronger. Coaches and players alike. That's my feeling and hope.