Let's all show Toronto Blue Jays we can too

Ok, the Rogers Centre was sold out last night for the Jays home opener (wonder if this would have been the case if Leaf mania was going strong with the Leafs going post season).

Anyways, come on all CFL cities, including the Argos, let's show that we also can sell-out for our home openers too, rather than just for hockey in this country. I guess Montreal is a shoe in for sure as usual with the smaller stadium there but I think the rest of us can, and should, be able to also.

baseball sucks.


Well, I couldn't agree with you more Statik. The way I look at it, if the Jays can get 50,000 for a game, and let's face it, it's because it is Major League Baseball, with the emphasis on Major, then the Argos should be able to at the very least match that as CFL football is just so much more exciting. But it doesn't have that major tag that so many people in Toronto need to make themselves feel really important, so I'm sure the Argos won't be able to nearly match it, Keith Pelley or not. Congrats Mr. Pelley, nice.

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Actually, in all honesty, baseball is a good game but not nearly as good as Canadian football.

I lost all respect for baseball, when Ken Griffey was with Seattle and some young kid asked for his autograph, to which Griffey replied...."I don't sign anything for less than $1000.00...."

Overpaid premadonas!

Unreal sportsmen, another reason why CFL players are so special and true in character. The sad thing is, a lot of arrogant kids today probably respect this Griffey attitude rather than a CFL guy earning a modest salary and signing the autograph for a kid who is a fan of the CFL.

The CFL players are special. I've seen the players always take time to talk to their fans. I remember Lui's last game at BC Place before he retired. After the warmup, he never made it back to the dressing room. All he did was sign autographs and chat with the fans until the National Anthem played.

A few years back, Some Lion players came out to my Grandsons football practice and ran the kids through drills and passed the ball around.

Nope.....The CFL players are all a classy lot. Baseball should take note and learn something!

Baseball is alright to watch on tv, sometimes (but not a whole game). But is unreal boring watching live. I watched a Jays-Kansas City game at the skydome one time (with about 20000 other people) and it was just a challenge to stay awake. Basically it was pitch, wait 30 seconds, another pitch, wait another 30 seconds and keep repeating. I realize football takes about 20 seconds between plays, but at least the play takes 6-7 seconds to finish, not including the movement before the snap. Baseball's average play length is about 2 seconds (f that).

First of all, agree there is no reason now and since the rebirth of the Argos and the CFL, that we cannot sellout.
As for the CrapJays, it was not a sellout. The Jays have been famous for papering the house and giving out bogus numbers of alleged seats sold, but not really attending. You have to live in the area to know about this and especially the way Paul Godfrey runs the operation.
Yesterday, there were patches of empty seats. Plus and here is the big one, everyone who purchased seats to a pack of games, for example a mini pack of 10, got yesterday free ticket to the opening. My sources tell me how no more then 35,000 actual tickets were sold. Inquiring minds need to know the truth instead of sheep being lead to slaughter by Mr. Godfrey.
Still from the visual to include TV and the band wagon jumpers, you have to give them credit as perception is the key.

Yeah, and most of these suckers just draw a wavy line and call it an autograph. Cheap millionnaires…

Have you ever seen Warren Moon’s autograph? It’s unreal. He signs both his first and last name, and everything is perfectly readable. This is just a nice way to show you’ve taken your time for a fan, me thinks.

I wished the BJ’s a good season alredy, no leave me alone about baeball cuz I agree with the quote above. ONE DAY CRICKET IS BETTER!!!

........what do you mean by one day cricket is better?........it is already enjoyed by more people on the planet than baseball............just because it isn't a 'major' sport on this side of the planet doesn't mean it isn't on the other side.......I'll bet a 500 million people follow cricket, maybe 100 million follow baseball.......

Your point is taken red but lots more than 100 million follow it Fiogure at least that in the States plus Mexico Centeral America Japan!

…I thought 100 million was being generous…by ‘follow it’ I mean they could name all the teams in the MLB at least, not just be vaguely aware of the sport…what would you figure is baseball’s following?..200 mil, 300?..

If you mean world wide I would say 500 million but that is just a guess

Do you mean baseball in general or major league baseball?

mate, I LOVE CRICKET!!! don’t know what your talking about. and Cricket is major in some counties like Britain, Fiji, West Indies, India, Pakistan, etc.

Australia plays it pro on the state level, aka State-of-Origin.

.......I know that, I'm not disagreeing with you...........ro, I would hazard to guess that if you included all the leagues around the world in with the MLB then the fan following would match cricket........I was just assuming MLB only to begin with......

One Day Cricket rocks, but I can do with out Test marths thanke you, they take way to long (2, 3, or even 5 days!!!! :shock:)

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