Let's All Hate Toronto

...no, it's not a plea, it's an upcoming documentary, check it out:

[url=http://www.canada.com/globaltv/ontario/story.html?id=c8158487-3d64-4308-98b8-ba0eae4282d6&k=95735]http://www.canada.com/globaltv/ontario/ ... d6&k=95735[/url]

The director is Albert Nerenberg from Montreal, he of the critically acclaimed films "Stupidity: The Documentary" and "Escape to Canada." One of his schticks is that he travels the country setting up a faux "Toronto Appreciation Day" in towns like Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, etc. Then, as a "Mr. Toronto" takes the microphone and starts singing the praises of the centre of the universe, the camera crew sits back and films the almost instinctive anti-toronto invective that spews from passers-by.

Incidentally, Nerenberg makes a big deal about how even First Nations peoples in the pre-contact era hated toronto - a fact unearthed over a year ago in the Forbidden Website's historical defense of the Forbidden Chant. It's certainly nice to yet again receive validation from our peers and the community at large. Also, the film waxes philosophic on what it means to "hate" Toronto, which is a question that has frequently made the rounds on ticats.ca (most recently last saturday).

Anyhow, filming for the doc is near its end, but they still haven't come to Hamilton yet, and they seem only dimly aware of the whole Ticats-argos thing!! Even worse, the director is under the impression that Montreal is the most anti-Toronto city in Canada. But, as JaketheSnake put it, all they'd have to do is set up the toronto rally near Ivor Wynne on game day, and the documentary could be longer than Lord of the Rings.

So, if anyone out there has the ways and means to contact Nerenberg, please do so! It would be a shame to have such a fine production by-pass Hamilton entirely. I sent him an email through his trailervision website (albert@trailervision.com), but if he's your uncle or something, plead with him to come to Hamilton!!

This seems like a noble cause. I encourage everyone to participate. Let's find this guy.

Hating T.O has always been my passion. I hate the Maple Leafs....but i can tolerated the Raptors.

WOW.... it really is a slow news day.


toronto...what a disgrace

“The two things that hold this country together are the railroad, an’ the fack that ev’ryone else hate toronto.”

-Charlie Farquharson, “A Histry of Canada”

The Argos are really the Mississauga Argos. Most of the players and coaches live there or in Oakville. According to one of the owners quotes when they were talking about the new stadium, three quarters of the fan base is in the 905 region. You have to grow up with Canadian Football to get an attachment to it, so to many of the new Torontoins it is a foreign game which is quite understandable. But we can't hate them for that.

I just have one thing to ask. Hate Toronto Argos more than we already do is that possible? Like the Jays and Leafs and Raptors so I can't hate Toronto all together but as far as the Argos BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

aside from that whole Raptors part, i gotta agree wtih Hitch.

i'll cheer for the Raps if they have a good team, but other than that, BOO NBA.

love the leafs, and the jays have always been a favourite.

just hate the argos.

Don't swear Espo :roll:

The official name of the blue team is a four-letter word...

Ah, hating Toronto. It's a daily part of life if you're a Montrealere, as I am. I'm sure Hamilton has its own unique flavour of Toronto hatred, but I will defend my city as the premier site of animosity towards T. Dot, T.O., or whatever stupid name is currently being used to describe the city that thinks it's the centre of the universe. It's not just an Als-Argos or Habs-Leafs thing, but unabashed contempt for the city in comparison to ours.

Let the hate flow. :wink:

Any true Hamiltonian feels the same way.