Let's all Hate Toronto

I sense there is an ideological difference between us that is unlikely to be bridged

Question: do you, anyone, think that by reading books etc. can help with breaking ideological differences or are such differences really more instinctual? Just curious.

Fair enough, stevehvh, this already off-topic debate would for sure stray even further afield if continued. There are many well-reasoned, insightful responses and many points well-taken in your last post, however.

I would say that the subject of ideological differences and the way they evolve is pretty complicated, and the role of books and education in the process more complicated still. But I don't think any of the previous debate necessarily reflects innate ideological differences. It is just the internet after all, and a football fan chatroom, no less. I could be Conrad Black, posting anti-toronto socialist clap-trap to amuse myself during court down-time, for all one knows.

I can see how an impression of ideological differences is conveyed though, so again I should make it clear, if it wasn’t already, that my personal stake in this is all about the yucks. Bob Young hits the nail on the head when he decries the forbidden chant and its anti-toronto ethos as "juvenile." He's right. I'm still giggling at the whole thing the way I giggled at it as a child. The long-winded homilies on Canadian history are purely reactionary, and are the result of being called on the carpet for everything from being comparable to terrorists, to advocating violence at Ivor Wynne Stadium, to being solely responsible for the near-termination of the franchise in the ‘90s. When the forbidden demographic is challenged to clarify our position and justify our existence, then that’s what we must do, I guess. Because Mr.Young was a student of history long before he was an unparalleled business success and a Tiger-Cat franchise saviour, we hoped that by placing ourselves within historical context, he might see us in a light other than “reprehensible at best.?

Our mission has always been to celebrate the Hamilton-toronto/Ticat-argo rivalry, in fun and in good-natured fashion, by promoting both the Tiger-Cats and the CFL itself. The forbidden demographic is really out of its element with all this serious debate. Our real forte is being goofs, which is why we still dream that one day Mr. Young will let us come in from the cold, and we can focus our attention on the silliness angle once again. We're just trying to get back to what we're good at.

As well, we always hoped that we would be judged by our actions. Since becoming this generation’s caretakers of the forbidden chant, we have used our powers for good, not evil. We have promoted the Tiger-Cats and the CFL from coast to coast and around the world. We have been charitable. We provided safe passage through Scott Park to argo fans long before it was cool to do so (we even made them a breakfast buffet on Labour Day once). Generally, we have spread cheap laughs and merriment wherever we go.

To tie all this back to the original point of the thread, the making of “Let’s all Hate Toronto? and the buzz that already surrounds it testifies to the compelling nature of this subject. So does all the debate generated in this thread, as well as the ongoing saga of the forbidden chant. And the subject is one in which Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats have a historic role, regardless of whether one considers this good, bad or indifferent. If the end result of all of this is some good yucks and an increase in awareness toward Canadian history, I'd say it's a win-win situation.

"If the end result of all of this is some good yucks and an increase in awareness toward Canadian history, I'd say it's a win-win situation."

Amen to that. Hear, hear!!

Have a good one.

Wow, “Let’s All Hate Toronto” is taking the Hot Docs film festival by storm. Its two screenings have been sold out for weeks, but people are still lining up by the hundreds in the faint hope of getting tickets. And best of all (or worst of all, depending on your perspective) the movie opens with scenes from last year’s Labour Day Classic. There is now talk of a wider theatrical release.

It’s been on all the national news shows lately, and even on CNN. Check out their new website for details, reviews, video clips, etc.:


Interesting. You know, I think that while obviously the Leafs are the most popular team in Toronto and hockey the no. 1 sport, I think the Cats-Argos rivalry better represents what hating Toronto might be all about since we are so close geographically to Toronto and know more about the city than probably most other Canadian, say NHL cities who are farther away. We know them well, we know why they don't like coming here, Hamilton represents the ultimate in what Torontonians don't want to be compared with many other cities in Canada. It's the ultimate rivalry. True, it would probably be better if it was an NHL thing since more Torontonians are Leaf fans rather than Argo fans I think. But still, this has the potential with this sort of publicity to really put the CFL more in people's minds.

My girlfriend is an Argo fan and Im a long time Ticats Fan! So it is posiable for us to get along you see!Give me some time and I will let my girlfriend realize why people dont like them!By the end of the year she will see the light and become a Ticat fan!LOL :smiley:

I was just thinking though and I realize that Argo fans, probably most of Toronto sports fans, are really chicken shiites as witnessed by the '96 GC when they were too afraid to make the long trek down the QEW to watch their own team in the GC. They were afraid they'd get beat up here. Afraid of their own shadow I bet. :lol:

I live in Toronto and find that Toronto fans for the most part are now neutured. I went to Ticat game at the Skydome wearing my T shirt, Tiecat shirt with my big ARGO'S S*CK pin and it wasn't until the 3rd quarter someone accosted me, I told him, "Thank you!!!" The games in Hamilton, I was at one where the Argo's kicked our butts and there was this guy who was totally out of it, looking for an Argo fan to fight. There was this Hamilton fan who had a black Hamilton hat and the logo had some sort of blue ting in the ti cat logo. This guy caught that and went on to fight him, it was truely pathetic. I remember the Argonuts who used to wear those white hats and there was always fight, never see that in Toronto.

Well, part of the whole Toronto is all corporate type thing evolving or trickling down from Leaf games at the ACC. Torontonians have become, how shall I say, meek and mild. At the Skydome, or RC, you must be quiet type of thing. If it weren't for football, the RC would be a tomb. At least the Raps have the fans going a bit, away from the Leaf atmosphere. Maybe the soccer team will help in an outdoor stadium also and help with rejuvenating Torontonians to not be as boring and this will trickle over to the RC. Maybe the GC will also help Toronto become a real city again. We'll see.

All this trickling is making me thirsty. 8)

More bad news for most of you:


Muahahaha, Toronto rules!

Thats actually a very good thing. The morons that want to fight should be arrested and barred from attending any CFL games anywhere

I don't like the fighting at all, I'm just worried that one day someone old man or lady or some kid is going to get caught up in and get really hurt. I don't mind the insults and chants, that's all part of the experience. It's not a football game if you are not insulted at least 5 or 6 times.

What is this London Pike thing???

Ah, it's nothin, just my idea for an expansion team I was fooling around with.

Go Pikemen! :slight_smile:

I think a better name for a London team would be Forest City Tree Huggers. 8)

Is it any wonder with the vacuum hose running from my pocket to Toronto, "voraciously inhaling" most of my tax dollars there?

The weekend Spec "Discover" section had an article on some of the sites to see in Toronto. ALL government sponsored/paid for to the tune of hundreds of millions (if not over a billion in total) dollars.

Expensive (hey, money is no object) re-dos of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum, ANOTHER performing arts center (opera/ballet house... how many centres are needed?), not to mention the Science Centre, Ontario Place, Roy Thompson Hall, the SkyDome fiasco, etc.

Any wonder there's never any money left over for the rest of us ie, a new stadium?


Canadians should get together and sign a nationwide petition demanding that total government spending in Toronto should equal the tax revenues collected from Toronto - no more, and no less. Perhaps it could lead to a binding referendum.

Believe me, the people of Toronto would rejoice with the news that the subsidies were over. And the money does not flow in the direction you think.

Bad news for you

TO did not even make the top ten places to live in Canada

[url=http://www.cjad.com/news/14/national-news/521541/ottawa-no-1-in-top-10-places-to-live-in-canada-says-moneysense]http://www.cjad.com/news/14/national-ne ... moneysense[/url]

From the article:

"Rounding out the top 10 were Halifax, Quebec City, Guelph, Ont., Fredericton, N.B., Kingston, Ont., Moncton, N.B., London, Ont., Victoria and Gander, NL."

with Ottawa as number one.

I live in Kingston right now, and let me tell you, the fact that it cracked the top 10 makes me SERIOUSLY question this ranking system. lol sorry kingstonians, but the K-hole s-ucks.

How did it beat London? London's the best, can't wait to go back.

The list shoulda been titled: "Best places to live... if you're 70".