Let's all Hate Toronto

There is a new Movie soon to be released called lets all hate Toronto.(GO FIGURE)

It displays how easy it is for other cities across this Country to Hate Ontario's largest City.

They end up Traveling to other Provinces with a I Love Toronto Banner and ask for peoples opinion on the American Wanna bee's.

Apparently Hamilton is used as a bench mark to compare to from our long time hate on for the folks down the QEW.

We live this Movie every LABOUR DAY CLASSIC.

Oscar nominations anyone?

HAMILTON area football fans have been to their own share of BUFFALO BILLS games and have also had their own share of attendence problems through out the years.

The problem with Toronto is it's terrible media who gives us all a bad name. :thdn: People like , PAUL GODFREY , ect...

After years of going to both HAMILTON Vs. ARGO games in both cities , it seems to me that a small group of HAMILTON fans just go to the games to start some thing.

I have never seen that many fights when HAMILTON fans come to Toronto.

The best HAMILTON fans , and there are lots of them , are the ones who don't take the game to seriously. :thup:

The ones that I don't like are the ones who just say ARGOS SUCK after every thing you say even if it is not about football and you are just trying to be friendly. :thdn: :lol:

Marketing plan !!!!!!!!
Labour day........
Screen the movie on Tiger vision right before the game !!!!!!

Out of interest (interest in a spirited debate, maybe), does anyone out there actually really hate Toronto?

I mean, not in a semi-friendly, fun-angry “other side svcks” rivalry kind of way, but in a real, mean-spirited, kick the family pet kind of way.

Personally, I think it’s a pretty good big city. I like to live here, but I like to go there sometimes for some of the things they don’t have here. And only thirty minutes away - best of both worlds, you could say.


Your perception is your reality, hellothere,
but it is not necessarily the way things are.

I see just as many antagonistic louts
in both cities usually fuelled by beer.

The best HAMILTON fans, and there are lots of them,

are the ones who don't
take the game to seriously. :thup:

Fans taking the game seriuosly
and having fun among themselves

is what being a fan is all about,
as long as it is not accompanied by
constant mean-spirited taunting.

The ones that I don't like are the ones who just say ARGOS ****

after every thing you say
even if it is not about football

and you are just trying
to be friendly. :thdn: :lol:

Sorry to bump up a slightly stale thread but I’ve been away for a week.

I also have a very serious question. The name of this proposed movie confuses me greatly. Do people have to be asked to hate Toronto?

I guess that I prefer realism to fantasy flicks. :smiley:

...the title of the film is derived from a satirical book of the same name published back in 1956, when the term "hate" was more colloquial and quaint than in the post-9/11 world. It was written by a Torontonian in a theater troupe who traveled the country coast to coast and who was interested in how many Canadians expressed their "hate" of Toronto.

Interestingly, the book goes on to document how, when Canadians say they "hate" Toronto, they are really saying they hate pollution, they hate economic and political inequality, they hate urban sprawl, and they hate the de-personalization of society.

Although written primarily as a joke, LAHT '56 was still prescient enough to comment on the inevitable catastrophe of the Gardiner Expressway and downtown traffic, the deleterious impact of Toronto on Oakville, Hamilton, North Bay, etc., the idiocy of building suburbs on the country's richest farmland, and on and on.

LAHT '56 even devotes several pages to the argos as a microcosmic reflection of all that is wrong with Toronto, and cites as an example the way that the team consistently violates all of the financial rules and import/export regulations of the league in order to try to buy the Grey Cup.

Boy, I'm glad they stopped doing that.

Incidentally, LAHT 2007 did some filming at the Labour Day Classic last year, as guests of the Forbidden Website. So much for a Labour Day Tigervision screening then.

Here's a video I posted before here, but it is the Argonotes performing at the last Labour Day Classic. You'll note the Television camera... that is for this documentary "Let's All Hate Toronto". (Click to play...)



Torontonians coming to Hamilton and celebrating the CFL by playing "Surfing USA" - that's the type of footage they could only dream of.

"Hate" is a nasty concept and should be avoided by any civilized persons. Yet, the Argo angst is one of the best things about being a TiCats fan. Drinking cheap beer at IWS was another, but alas...

I don't hate Toronto, but I really can't stand the place either. Except for the restaurants, and the live music, going to the occassional Blue Jays game, all the tax revenue their business centre generates, and the Sunshine Girl. However, the traffic congestion to get there makes it not worth the effort.

Argos Suck

When I meet people out West and I get into a discussion about Toronto, they seem to hate it for two reasons:

-because the Leafs get preferential treatment on Hockey Night in Canada

-because Ontario voters typically vote Liberal instead of for whatever Western Alienation party they're way too intensely supporting at the time.

The Argos seldom enter into it - I presume because whichever team comes out of the Eastern Conference, even if it's the cap-smashing Argos, is just cannon fodder for the Western team in the Grey Cup anyway.

I like the city of toronto. Had a great time there during the 70's. Dont know about the white collar crowd, or even the blue collar, the street people were cool. However, I so totally detest the centre of the universe attitude that exists there. OTOH, at least they dont have any separation movement......yet.

I think they transferred that to Calgary about ten years ago. :wink:

Another well learned post from the Bunner.

Yes, the Forbidden Website brought the film crew to the Labour Day classic. I'll certainly include a mention of this when the update is completed.

Hopefully the footage that we helped with will not fall to the cutting room floor.....then again, our well learned caretaker has tried to cut out the forbidden chant, so who knows.

http://mrtoronto.blogspot.com/ http://www.robspence.tv/main.html

Go into Documentry and Lets all hate To will be there.

[url=http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/entertainment/story.html?id=49024080-57fb-4ae5-8d96-e91200a6515b]http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/new ... 1200a6515b[/url]

Calgary Herald Article

[quote=“Tuck”]Here’s a video I posted before here, but it is the Argonotes performing at the last Labour Day Classic. You’ll note the Television camera… that is for this documentary “Let’s All Hate Toronto”. (Click to play…)


What a joke these guys are. Playing “Surfing USA” at a CFL game. Could they not come up with somthing a little better than that. Everything else is so “americanized” around here. The only thing Canadian is the CFL and they have to play that.

You wouldn't happen to be one of those grumpy guys that finds things to complain about with just about everything would you? You would have been the only one there NOT enjoying the band.

The volunteer pep band known as the Argonotes is pure Canadian. They took the trouble to learn the fight songs from the 60's for both the Argos and the Ticats and they sing a verse, taking a break from their instruments in Swing Band fashion. It's a real treat to watch them. Fortunately they'll continue to make the trip every Labour Day, and won't be deterred by ignoramuses who think they are a 'joke'.

All though in most recent times the focus on Toronto vs Hamilton is on the gridiron, there is a long HISTORY between us and them !!! going back to the 1800's a beyond.
To even touch on the surface, Hamilton's Harbour was seen to be the future of this part of Lake Ontario, but "as" always, when things got difficult in Hamilton, Toronto swooped down and underhandedly in some cases decided it should be the focus of this part of Ontario and pushed to become the capital of Ontario. Don't forget the hub of Upper Canada was the Niagara Region and you had to go through Hamtilton to get to Toronto. So it only seemed promising that Hamilton to become the capital.

See and you guys thought I was just another pretty face.