Let's All Hate Toronto!

Well, now that we appear to be getting back to normal, lets get's get back to the things that count. Its that most wonderful time of the year (second best next to Cup time).....Labour Day.

I have it on good authority that the film crew for the upcoming documentary "Let's All Hate Toronto" may be wandering around Hamilton on Labour Day.

Should be interesting.

Then don't root for the Leafs.

(Big can of worms here!)

Ooops.... looks like I killed this thread. Sorry.

All the media i have heard so far says Toronto should win the next 2 games . Man would i love to send Pinball home in tears !!!!!

Can we just mildly disdain Toronto?

Anyhow, let's all hope the Tiger-Cat offense scores more this Monday than my 50 year old neighbors from across the street...

duh... obv!

no true hamiltonian would.

WHY would you want to do that to "Pinner"?


Because he is the head of the horrible slimeball team that dresses in blue. You know the team that… well another word for “bites”.

Hating Toronto is my favourite pastime!

Hating Toronto is my favourite pastime!

Seeing Pinball laughing on the sidelines irks me and i`d like to see some yelling and screaming on THIER sideline for a change !!!.

Folks, the Cats have made more changes these last few days than many teams make in the off-season. All to the good in my opinion. However, the season is over for you already and will be even deader after the next 2 games with the boys in blue polysester.

An Argo fan

Gee Barney and your ARGOS have been so awesome this season so far eh ?

"Hate" is such a nasty word. It's responsible for much of the violence in our world today.

Ok, enough preaching...

I love beating the blue team.

It wouldn't matter who was in blue laughing on the sidelines, it would irk you regardless. Pinball is a great guy, so wanting to see him cry is almost a sin. However, I doubt that even with a loss this Monday (which will happen to Toronto) Mike Clemons will begin to cry.

It's a documentary title, not an ethical imperative.

Yeah, 'hate' is such a harsh word. I don't hate the Cats. I detest them, loathe them, feel contempt for them, disdain them, am repulsed by them, but I don't hate them. :wink:

However, with the recent changes made by the TiCats, I no longer feel pity for them. I think they'll turn the corner in the very near future and rise to mediocrity.

An Argo fan

I think they'll turn the corner in the very near future and rise to mediocrity.
Just like the argos! :wink:

i like all the teams in the cfl. Just looking for a good game & not a blow out.
Hopefully it will be entertaining

Yeah, me too actually. I am a huge CFL fan. Have been for many many years. I can really appreciate the passion of fans elsewhere though, especially in smaller cities. Argos are my team by default--I can see their games at the Rogers Centre. I do enjoy razzing Ticat fans though. They're so razz-able.

An Argo fan