Let Woodson Play

Now that Daley is actually playing where he should've been all year. Feels like time to move on to another completely wasted Canadian talent on this team Anthony Woodson. I srsly can not think of why he doesn't start while Gables out, i know we barely run anyway but that just means it wouldn't hurt us to try it,would actually save money on free agents we sign to not run.

The few(really few) runs he's had with us hes always impressed how tough and forward committed his runs are he drags people, he can be shifty and he also literally started at SB for the argos so he can catch well. Really seems like a Kent Austin wet dream at RB and to top it off yes he's Canadian. Anyone have opinions why he won't get a shot over people that have already been released by us before.

From what I've seen over the last few years, Austin's ideal running back is a mobile brick wall. In other words, a great pass blocker who can react quickly and effectively to cover the forgotten / missed rusher. I can't speak to whether Woodson is that type of running back, but apparently Austin doesn't think he's the right guy in that role.

EDIT: Not saying I agree with Austin's opinion on the role of a running back. And in fact, I really wish we would run the ball more, especially knowing what weather conditions are like in the CFL playoffs.

And who would his National backup be - Timmis? A raw rookie that has appeared in only a few games? First we had someone who wants the team to make a trade for Rickey Ray, and now this? Laughable...

He wouldn't need a national backup if the team started him as an extra national, i.e. started eight nationals instead of the minimum seven.

Classy, as always :roll:

I, too, would like to see Woodson used more. I'm quite surprised that he was a Reserve last game. If he isn't really injured, then they chose Timmis, over him, to be the back-up RB, after Woodson had been in that spot for the previous 11 straight games.