Let Williams start in the rest of the games this year...

We know what Printers can do, we need to develop
Williams so he is able to play at a higher level.
Then if printers gets hurt we have a reliable

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Printers hasn't played in a meaningful game in a couple of years and he needs the game reps. These are meaningless games for the Cats so I'd play Printers but bring Williams in for some playing time as well.

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Printers is going to earn every penny he's been given. It's a long time before '08. Let him take a pounding for the first three quarters. He wants to talk...make him walk the walk!

I believe you are correct in developing Williams we'll need him next year. I would even give Chang some serious reps also. Just look out West. You don't need a first stringer to get the job done. There system is first rate. They are getting it done with 3rd stringer Action Jackson.

One quarter is not enough time for williams
to get in to a rhythm . He needs a least
a half game per game for the rest of the

I agree with this. The last thing we need is to have Printers get seriously hurt since he seems to keep getting banged up. I'd love to see Richie get some more reps in there so that we can have a decent 1-2 QB punch for the first time in a a long time.

You are right, barneyfife1.

If the coaches ever started thinking like
GOTC and mikey we'd really be in trouble.

Personally, I'd like to see more of Chang. Williams is throwing many accurate passes, but for minimum yardage. Chang has been in a learning curve all season and hasn't seen any action in some time now. If required, I'd like to see him play, but only in the event that Printers can't.

Williams needs to brush up on clock management and getting the ball down field a little more.

Both of our backups show potential and still require grooming. This is the time to play them.

I don't think there is any doubt that this is Printers team going forward and he will get most of the snaps, if he's healthy.
But I would think the Ticat brass has been pleasantly surprised in Williams play (managing 11 seconds not included)and will probably try and get him some reps in the last three games to give him more experience.
Chang? I think they will start over again next TC and try and build his confidence in the ex games. This time of year with teams going all out is a bad time for rookie QB's.

Toatlly disgree.

We do not know what Printers can do.

The team needs to become familiar with him and his play. Especially the receivers and O-line.

With only three games left, I hope he’s healthy enough to get more meaningful reps.

Start Chang he's clearly better then Williams he's the gunslinger!! just let him loose let him throw some bombs Taffe

It is probably the best to rest Printers.He,like Maas has come as damaged goods.It was obvious from the start that something has been wrong with him.When he ran(prior to aggravating the hamstring injury) he showed the shiftiness that we remembered from his BC days but certainly not the speed.He has shown that he is a competent Qb since arriving but needs to get healthy.