Let us take time to say thanks, for the Alouettes

Yes, they did beat us last week, but that aside, what kind of a train wreck would the East division be (since the demise of the Baltimore franchise) without them?

Bonne chance Alouettes!


Class of the east and one of the classiest teams and outfits in the league. Thank goodness for them, albeit I want them to lose agains't our Ticats all the time of course. :wink:

I concur. Hopefully they can seal the deal come the 29th.

Oski Wee Wee,


Come on we'll all new BC Would choke .
I watched the The Vikings _ Seahawks game cause Thought this would happen.

Cripes…what a slip. Obviously the Als didn’t beat us last week.

Sorry about that. I must have been all caught up in the Als fever today.


hahaha You had me wondering there just what the hell you were talking about.