I will open this post and hope some TRUE BLUE fans will help me out here, let us do a pre-season grade by position. This is based on the roster of WBB.COM as of April 25th/2006, this will prove only one thing to the rest of the league and pesimists from other cities: WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG BAD BB’S THIS YEAR :evil: Let Us start at the Qb position, which i feel has never been this strong in years, will be competetive and will be one of the best in the league this year. I will post on Wednesday new position.

I believe we have a better qb situation more than any other team in the league (think about it) Sask: Joseph (Hmmm Banks is just as good if not better and is 6 years younger), Cal: Burris: Ummm overratted and due to go down hill. edm: Ray: would not have won the GC if it weren’t for Maas winning the West final: BC: DD : Umm Too many injuries and no proven back up, tough loss for lions fans. Mont: Calvillo: Alway’s strong, BUT Mathews time is up in Montreal, we all know that his players stop playing for him after 5-6 years. Tor: Allan: Does he still have it? enough said. Ham: 2nd most improved this year with the addition of JM, could be a surprise in the east this year as well as the BB’s.

QB’S: Kevin Glenn: will be 27 on June 12th , still young and had a better qb rating last year than most in the league (not bad for the team we had). Will learn to be more patient in the pocket under Coach Berry, will be challenged for starting job by BANKS. Brad Banks : 26 years old, has shown promise in a back up roll with the rens last year, compared by most to Damon Allen for his scrambling style, has a strong arm, will compete for #1 with Glenn, Great pick up by Taman as he is as good, if not better than Joseph and 5 -6 years younger. Russ Michna : No secret here, Russ is young at 25 and was the best in training camp last year, showed great poise in a limited roll last year, strong arm, great awareness, will compete for #2 spot, probably be third though. Mike Quinn : Personally i never seen this guy play, but coach Berry see’s something in him even though he is 32 years old, not much i can say here except i think it was an insurance move and will not make the team (any opinions here BB Fans?). Tee Martin : Well we all know his story, he is a whiner and may not even show up for TC, but oh well, wouldn’t make the team anyway’s, no big loss … my TC rating for the qb position is B-

Glenn as leader, he started last season and part of a season, he should have the expericene to be a good QB and take us all the way

Michna has to step up if he wants to be the scored and remain with the Bombers with his goal to be leader later on.

Banks or Quinn next whoever wants it more

Heres My Look At The Depth Chart Approximately What Itll Look like after training camp:


QB: Kevin Glenn - Brad Banks - Russ Michna
RB: Charles Roberts - Onterrio Smith? - Donnie Stevens
WR/SB: Milt Stegall - Albert Johnson III - Chris Brazzell - Gilles Colon - Quinten McCord - Jamie Stoddard - Arjei Franklin
FB: Scott Regimbald - Lenard Semajuste
OL: Ibrihim Khan - Val St. Germain - Matt Sheridan - Mike Abou-Mechrek - Dan Gyetvai - Aaron Fiaconni - Dan Goodspeed

DE: Gavin Walls - Tom Canada - John Osterhuis
DT: Cameron Legault - Doug Brown - Joe Flemming
LB: Barrin Simpson - Kyries Hebert - Donny Green - Travis Ortega - Ron Ockimey
DB: Kelly Malveaux - Robert Grant - Anthony Malbrough - Omar Evans - William Fields - Cedric Dickerson - Boyd Barrett
S: Shawn Gallant - Donnovan Carter - Mike Crumb

K: Troy Westwood :frowning:
P: Troy Westwood :frowning: :frowning:

Ill Help you Out

As for
RB'S:Charles Roberts Without a question will be the starting running back this year. Standing at an enormous 5'6 :slight_smile: Roberts uses his speed and moves more than his size to plow through the line. He has been a solid starter in the years past and at 27 will remain the starter for the big blue. Onterrio Smith? Rumor has it the Bombers have added Former NFL RB Onterrio Smith to their negotiaion list. The way I see it is that if they were to sign him, he probably wouldnt see much offensive field time and would probably be traded, because I think Charlie Roberts might start to whine if he loses some of his carries. It all will depend on training camp. If Onterrio is signed and goes to training camp, we may just have a little contest for starting RB. David Stevens The bombers 5th Round pick in this year's draft, Stevens might find himself competing for the third string RB position. In his college years he ranks 2nd on the Huskies all time rushing list, posting 1,229 yards last season. Henri Childs Could see action as the third or fourth string RB, but likely won't see much offensive field time. He was accquired in the late rounds of the Renegades Dispersal Draft. Overall RB TC Rating is an: A

ok, the team is shaping up nicely. now wot about westwood? i hope they at least bring in a bunch of kickers to push "ole troy". i'm sure they can't be any worse, especially in the punting dept. i'm sad to say, the bb might just decide to keep westwood for both chores to save some money - 1 salary as opposed to 2, plus frees up an extra roster spot!

i say they should go for luca congi. Hes pretty damn good as a kicker he played the bisons when i went to watch. They gotta get him off saskatchewan i think though who has em. Hes probably their best bet since saskatchewan is already leaning towards this other rookie kicker they got. Im sick off Troy. He shouldve hung up the shoe last year when we accquired Ryan. Lol

And on that note...

Troy Westwood Sucks!
Training Camp Outlook: G- :slight_smile: No Really, its true

word out of Kelowna is that Mike Crum is going to retire, great Trade by Brennan, OH MY GOD that may be the worse trade ever.

Glenn, (Michna & Banks), Quinn (unknown), Martin (probably doesnt show for tc)

...i believe that was Jason Crumb of the lions that retired....not Mike....If BOTH Crumbs RETIRE... that was a crap trade.....it will amount to us giving up a draft choice for virtually nothing... :roll:

plus spurgon wynn. id much rather have him here then mike crumb and just cut martin. wed have 5 good QB's coming to camp, or maybe trade wynn somewhere else for better players. that was a terrible trade even if crumb stays. hes old, and not even capable of being a starter. we should have thrown in wynn, martin, and some draft picks, and maybe a DB or a LB and goodspeed to try and get arland bruce.

yep, what a crap trade that was........makes you wonder why wynns stock was so low......perhaps his surgery didnt go so well........