So now we have our QB situation somewhat sorted out? But who goes and who stays when Glenn get's back that is the question. Next week against T.O It will Be Quinn or Banks , don't rule out Dinwiddie. So our Qb's under contract are, and we can't use all five so who stays????

  1. Glenn (Still Our starter)
  2. Banks (hasn't had enough snaps to judge, but is young and promising)
  3. Dinwiddie (Young and compared by Berry to A.C in Montreal,give him a shot i say!!)
  4. Quinn (32 years old, showed nothing and cannot scramble)
  5. Michna (again i like Russ, but he needs an opportunity (more snaps), unfortunately it will not be with the BB's)

As for our recievers, Baker is out Cavil is In as it stands so we have the following under contract??? Who Stays and who goes??

  1. Stegall (given to stay)
  2. Brazell (veteren, great with Milt, but now 2 games not showing much, i don't know???)
  3. Cavil (well we have to give him a chance, maybe he can show us he still has it)
  4. Thurmon (promising and still young, great potential)
  5. McCord (showed good and bad signs, will be gone)
  6. Franklin (great young Canadian kid, promising)
  7. Stoddard (sure handed, not fast but not used enough)
  8. Childs (should stay in my opinion, threat in the backfield is Blink is injured or we use a double set)
  9. AJ3 (will stay because of special teams)

LET ME KNOW WHAT ALL YOU BB FANS THINK!!! MY OPINIONS ARE INCLUDED. I won't even talk defense we are fine on that end so far even though they have stumbled a bit, but what defense wouldn't when they are on the field half the game or more (see Quinn LOL)

i agree with you

so whats wrong with Baker?

Baker has decided FOR NOW that his heart is not infootball and is pursuing other options outside of football, he say's he feels if his heart is not in it , he does not want to hurt the team. He will not be wearing a bomber jersey FOR NOW.

....in all the years i.ve watched CFL....i have never seen an inexperienced qb (which Dinwiddie is)......walk in without any practical playing time and do a credible job.....HOWEVER....if there's a first....i hope that this it...we need someone to step-up and light a fire under our offence.....besides Milt and Charlie...and to a certain degree Glenn of late.......as for your assessment at top...blueandgold4evr...i totally agree ....good in-sight.... :thup:

...on another note.....Bombers have picked up Adam Eckert....local WPG. kid....off of the ALS. roster....from what i.ve seen of this guy....he's a good one...made some nice plays the little time he played for Mont. ... looking forward to seeing him in BlueandGold... :thup:

Casey Printers hardly had any experience when he lit things up 2 seasons ago. He came out of nowhere. So it does occur sometimes. I also think back in the 70's Chuck Ealey was a rookie who did big things right away with Hamilton, along with Tom Clements and Conredge Holloway with Ottawa. What about Matt Dunigan in 1984? He played almost nill the prior year in Warren Moon's last season with Edmonton, then came out of nowhere the next year. So it's not unheard of that an inexperienced QB can do big things sometimes right out of the gate if given a chance.

....would like to agree with you ziegmund....but c'mon lets get realistic....these guys ...Clements....Matt......had all kinds of playing time before they donned the BlueandGold....this kid is coming in COLD....I think your expectations are a little high.....although i'll be behind Dinwiddie 100 %...and i hope he carves an instant career....and what better way to start ...against the Argos....and a guy who's been a qb. in this league for a 100 yrs....go get em Ryan..... :thup:.....and i might add...the Bombers have a better team than T.O. in 06....they just gotta go out and PROVE IT... :rockin:

Picna was released and Berry told Stoddard not to bother showing up for practice (he slept in apparently).

Glenn may be ready for friday says the winnipeg free press

I think Stoddard is going to be gone. 2 guys that Berry never really gave a chance - Michna and Stoddard

As far as Glenn Starting, I highly doubt it. Sure it is a big game, but which is more important:
1 game against toronto or...
the other 8 games????

I think we have to keep Glenn in reserve this Friday to make sure he will be good to go down the stretch. Give Dinwiddie (?) and Banks the reps this week, and ONLY play Glenn if these 2 can't get it done. I think its time for Quinn to retire.

I really really think that Quinn should be given the start. Sure he stunk last game, but he was coming off an injury too...Let him play the first half, and if he still stinks, give the other guys a shot.
Looks to me like Stoddard is on his way out. Too bad, but he really didn't do much this year at all

this 1 game against toronto is very important actually, with them right on our ass we cant afford to lose to them.

Plus I was just saying what the newspaper said and it sounded very possible he could start, he is already practising well and there is few more days left till game time.

here is the thing.....it doesnt matter how much talent or potential you have, if you cant pick up the Berry offense, then you hit the road, apparently, Cavil and Eckert knew the offense better than the guys we had before they arrived, they are actually helping the others catch on, I dont know which is scarier.