Let the Witches Stomp Your Hopes: Grey Gup Postgame Thread

Tim White trying out with Denver Broncos.
Winnipeg and Saskatchewan losing players to NFL as per CFL news.

He will probably sign with the Saints to keep @bobo82 happy! :rofl:

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Good news is the players Winnipeg is losing.

lol. funny , verrry funny :rofl: :grimacing:

He'll never make it Grover . The Saints don't have any openings for punt return kneelers . I am hoping though that he does catch on somewhere down there just so I don't have to look at him anymore .


Well, Kalinic did a workout out for your Ain'ts, as well as in Seattle.

Now Kalinic I would take in a heartbeat wearing a Saints jersey . I guarantee you that he wouldn't have pulled a White and never would've given up a single the way that Bonehead #12 did . White can sign in Timbuktu for all I care .

Honestly though I would prefer to see Kalinic back in a Cats uniform next season but if he does sign in the States I would love it to be in New Orleans .

Kalinic has the hands, size and blocking ability to play in the NFL. He was a big, underrated component of our offence. He will catch on somewhere down south. Hopefully Jake Burt emerges from the darkness to replace Kalinic next year in Hamilton.

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Hey bobo , I just watched the last Labour Day game , today . The Argos were vanquished by our Cats . The stars of the game were Dane , Simoni , and a receiver who caught a 55 yard TD pass while blowing through the Argo secondary .
As a rookie , he caught 56 balls for 774 yards in 9 games .
I hope he returns to the Cats after recent tryouts in the NFL .

Pat Lynch ( a big bobo fan :slightly_smiling_face:)


He'd be really good at returning kicks in the NFL considering the number that go over their heads out of bounds and the number that get knelt.
He'd be a great returner with 0 return yards.

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Thanks for the kind words and for being a fan there Pat BUT I'm sorry BUT in spite of your stats and fondness of one Kneel White ? I'm sorry BUT my opinion of him hasn't changed one bit .

As a matter of fact if the truth be known he plays a position that is easily replaceable and in all fairness to him he is basically a ....

Yeah but a new receiver/returner might not fully grasp all the CFL rules and will possibly take a knee.

Tim White on the other hand will NEVER make that mistake again. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: