Let the Witches Stomp Your Hopes: Grey Gup Postgame Thread

Go ahead. Say something. I have 2 hours of driving home and my gut hurts. Again.

Excellent thread title Mark. This one stings.

Thank you for a memorable year Cats.

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23 years and counting in a 8 and 9 team league...

We didn't take advantage of the wind when we had it. The Bummer D Ends blocked at least 3 passes...Ever thought of this thing called a "pump fake"??

Another late game brain fart (like Tank Reid's) cost us a game we could have won...This team exists, it seems, to break your heart.

Now, a new coaching regime and probably some losses in the front office.

We need upgrades in :The O-Line, Secondary, Punting...

This NEEDS to be the focus in free agency...


I have nothing of value to say other than they gave it a good run.
Sometimes, that's the way the cookie crumbles. And, yes, I'm very sad, but there's always............

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Who would have thought that it wouldn't be the kicker that cost us a championship?

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We can always blame the wind and the randomness of the pre-game coin toss...

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I think the fact it was close made it worse...
Say what you will at least 2019 was a foregone conclusion

If they had not given up the single on that kick off. To make it a three point game. What were they thinking?


Orlondo simply doesn't care.
He's walking into a multi-million-dollar job in his home state.
The decision to concede the Rouge is the most idiotic thing I have seen since the multiple June Jones gaffes.

This game was SO typical of the entire season.
Build up a hard-fought lead, then the Offense sputters in the fourth quarter.
Too little, too late.

This is also a consequence of playing the wrong QB all year, and limiting the first-team reps for Dane.

The game ended on the most typical Masoli play possible - a panic throw for an interception. hopefully his last pass attempt in this team's colours.

The rumours of one of our co-GMs moving on is, I think, a very good idea. They had TWO EFFING YEARS to address the deficiencies in the team's roster. They failed miserably on the Kicking/Punting and O-Line issues.

This will be an incredibly different team next year, and I hold out no hopes in a rebuild. The ONLY thing that I can think that would be a positive is if Dane signs long-term. If not, it will be a miserable year.

jefferson cost us a chance at a championship with his dirty hit on Dane Evans. We lost our starting quarterback and all they lost was 15 yards!!!!!!!

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I think Dane had injured his neck in the East final. It's possible the Bombers found out and, on that play, Dane was hit in the head/neck area twice!

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I had thought it was a safety, but I'm not clear on that rule...

WHY did we do that? What was the logic? Seemed like there was room to run, and after giving up the point, we started on the 35. So what if he had only got to the 20?

Was that a coaching decision, or a player decision?

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Re: giving up the single.

If you let it go out the back of the endzone untouched it's your ball on the 25, no point.

Why wouldnt you instruct him that if he s going to catch it on the fly in the endzone to let it drop. It's down wind, the kicking team is 60 yards away. See if it goes out the back.

Just a mind boggling decision.

Literally cost us the Grey Cup.


In the post game interview Coach O said they gave him the choice. There should have been no choice if it's less than 5 yards into the end zone run it out end of story.

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Gave him the choice? Wtf is that?


Tim White is an experienced returner you wouldn't want the coaches to make that decision for him. :upside_down_face:

Saw the highlites again there was no one downfield 20 yards in front of him when he gave it up .

I don't know what he saw to make that decision .


I'd say I'm shocked but I'm not. In game management has been a problem all year.

At least in Washington he can go back to what he's good at. Running a Defence.


Dumbass roughing penalty.
Two conceded singles wtf are they thinking? First one got away from him so somewhat forgivable but the second? That and they seemed to get away from running the ball which was working for them - the dreaded two and outs when you need a drive to salt it away. Pretty much the blueprint of what we did in close games all year.

They played hard, I yelled my lungs out. Proud of the way the defence held most of the way and despite the finish Masoli nearly lead them back for the winning TD. For a brief time midway through the fourth it felt like we would finally finish this thing. So deflating.


Don't forget about the truly dismal punting.